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DoTheShake 07-24-2009 03:06 PM

Pat Buchanan: Not Racist, Not Violent, and Not Respected! |

If anyone else thinks that pat isnt racist, but that the Obama-sheeple are busy trying to make him look that way, digg this article!


The strongest, and most common, accusation made against Buchanan is that he is a “White supremacist.” The casual use of such a phrase to describe a man who has an inherently anti-violence platform shows that American's have, in many ways, forgotten the dangers of true racial supremacists. With vile figures like David Duke and Louis Farrakhan (who recently appeared on FOX News) staples of political commentary, it is somewhat sad that Americans continue to accuse Buchanan of being racist.
Accusations of racism began flying during the 2008 election, when it became clear that Buchanan was not going to endorse President Obama. Buchanan was openly critical of many of his policies, and thus, in the eye's of CNN and MSNBC, Buchanan might as well be a Nazi.
Viewers seem to forget that Buchanan's running mate eight years prior was an African-American woman. If not voting for an African American makes you a racist, then surely sharing a ticket with one must make you a champion of racial equality?
He refused to support Obama's candidacy because of political differences.

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