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albie 08-18-2009 04:05 AM

You CANNOT win
If I wanted a planet of sheep, I would make a drug that would affect the brain and put it in a vaccine. Now, some(like you) would NOT take it, but if the disease the vaccine was intended to stop was REAL, the people not taking it would be dead anyway. no more conspiracy theorists.
You cannot win. Die or become a sheep. Better to be a sheep.:p

Least you'd have SOME will of your own.

albie 08-20-2009 03:50 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
You do not get my meaning. The above plan clearly is 100% effective. You cannot win, if they use this plan. And all you do is suggest I am a sheep?

Explain to me how you will get past this plan.

albie 08-22-2009 03:55 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
>>Better find your way back to the herd because YOU cannot win here.

This clearly suggest I am a sheep. Unless you think I am a shepherd, which is worse because that would mean I was a conspirator.

Either way you are insulting me for no reason.

>>I highly doubt there is vaccine or that there will ever be a vaccine available that turns people into sheep.

Highly doubt? I highly doubt that Bush would order the destruction of the twin towers. How can you highly doubt it? Are you a scientist? There are already chemicals that dull the brain.

So you are going to take the swine flu vaccine then?

albie 08-24-2009 04:08 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
You admit that there are chemicals(fluoride) that addle the brain now? you were saying that wasn't possible with a vaccine. (yet to see your credentials on that one Doc) So let's presume it is scientifically possible.

I see you are avoiding answering my question about taking the swine flu vaccine. Presumably you have decided not to previously. But now I came up it would look dumb not to take it as you don't believe in vaccines that can dull the mind. Now face what I'm saying with intellect.

What would you do if the vaccine addled your mind forever but the disease was also real? You take the vaccine you become Carrot Top, you don't you become Michael Jackson.

It's a simple question. Pretend it is Dungeons and Dragons.

What do you do? I predict you will now avoid the question again.

albie 09-07-2009 03:42 AM

Re: You CANNOT win

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 60454)
I never said it wasn't possible to add chemicals to a vaccine.

I said that I highly doubt a vaccine could be developed to turn people into sheep!

I'm not avoiding your question about taking the Swine flu vaccine.

I haven't decided.

When and IF the time comes, I will decide amongst my family and you will not be included in OUR decision making process.

By the time the FLU season comes around, I don't believe it will be the SWINE flu any longer, so, most probably the vaccine they have developed for the SWINE flu will be useless.

>>I never said it wasn't possible to add chemicals to a vaccine.

>>I said that I highly doubt a vaccine could be developed to turn people into sheep!

Two statements that contradict each other?

Tell me why it is not possible for a vaccine to attack the parts of the brain that moderate willpower? Please use all the science you need to. I will learn from you.

It doesn't matter if you take the vaccine for swine flu, because this is a theoritcal vaccine I am talking about. If a deadly disease was wiping out millions and a vaccine was shown to work you would be a fool to not take it. But if that vaccine also attacked the brain and lowered your willpower, you would have no way of avoiding it. The present swine flu is nothing. It is not a conspiracy because it is simply not potent enough a killer. Too many people will opt out of taking the vaccine, as will I. If the disease were deadlier then I would take the vaccine. So why isn't it a deadlier disease if it serves the government's plan?

It's just another crap disease and another knee jerk conspiracy theory.

TrutherD 11-12-2009 04:01 PM

Re: You CANNOT win
I agree OP this scenario is possible, however I think you underestimate the human immune system and the power of natural herbs and suppressed therapies. There are many ways for them to kill large numbers of us. Nuclear war. Anthrax in the chemtrails. Poison in the food. Etc. etc. To do nothing is just useless. You do realize they want a fascist scientific dictatorship, where they will stifle creativity and sterilize or kill whatever parts of the population they want, right? If you don't stand for something you don't stand for anything. We have to do what we can to limit the damage if not stop the NWO. Keep waking people up. Please!

albie 11-13-2009 03:23 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
>>You do realize they want a fascist scientific dictatorship, where they will stifle creativity and sterilize or kill whatever parts of the population they want, right?

Oh, you mean that place in your head? That's where that's going to happen? I'll try and avoid being inside your head then.

How is your immune system going to stop something that is designed to attack it? All the other people will have the vaccine while you, thinking it is the vaccine that is dangerous will be prey to the real actual disease.

it's a fool proof plan and you have no way around it other than herbs?

You've lost the war then, if it is all true. Hey, still time to save the whale.

TrutherD 11-13-2009 07:23 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
There is tons of evidence of plans for a fascist New World Order. Have you seen all the documentaries featured on my blog?

I believe you underestimate the power of nature. Life will find a way. I'll take my chances with nature over synthetic crap loaded with pollutants any day. PS. Germs mutate. No amount of vaccine will keep you free forever. Only exposing yourself to various viruses will you get stronger. A family member of mine was in contact with someone who got the shot and then became very ill with flu. I sat in the same room as them regularly as they coughed and sneezed for 2-3 days. All I did was my cold & flu protocol at the bottom of this page and I never got congested, sniffly, sneezy nor felt a virus growing in my sinuses for very long (low % h2o2 gently kills it, as do antiviral foods & oils). Your body works best with natural solutions. Science does not yet come anywhere close. Further, I am far from willing to rely on the government and the corporations who have profited off our suffering and death for hundreds of years. You are more than welcome to your own opinion but I fear you are over-thinking it. We can beat them. Don't join them.

albie 11-14-2009 06:12 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
There's plenty of ambiguous info that can be seen as evidence of the NWO. For instance a newsreporter on the TV said last night that Asian is looking to be the next "New World Order", because of its commercial power. That kind of grey evidence abounds. There's not one jot of "Wow!" evidence. You wouldn't expect there to be, if this was supposed to be secret, nor would expect there to be if it was all BS.

And you are grasping about the nature coming through bit.

TrutherD 11-14-2009 10:08 AM

Re: You CANNOT win
albie, The self-appointed "global elite" have made it well known in their memoirs, books and statements that they want a New World Order which is essentially a FASCIST NAZI world-dictatorship run by them. You know Hitler was a Rothschild, right? National emergencies for no reason, the deliberate chemtrails, mass panic in the media, false flag terrorist attacks, engineered economic collapses, poison in the food, water, dental care, flu shots, etc etc.

If any of your forefathers fought in WW1 or WW2 they would be turning in their graves to see you defending the actions of these criminals against humanity.

You are either uneducated, blind or a paid troll trying to waste everyone's time with superficial drivel.

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