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SeC 09-19-2009 01:57 PM

Treating America's Psychopathy
Treating America's Psychopathy

Jonathan Phillips

When it comes to bioenergetic defense structures, the United States is first and foremost a “psychopath.” How do we treat this condition in the land of “God, guns, and country” and can these destructive energies be transmuted to help manifest a global shift in consciousness?

During a client’s first bionenergetic session, the healer will most likely have their eyes half-focused in a “healer’s gaze,” reading the patient’s energy field, body type, posture, mannerisms, and even speech patterns to figure out what are the primary defense structures at work. For bioenergetic practitioners, these defense systems provide both the car keys and road map for navigating the client’s return journey to health and the higher self.

Going beyond talk therapy, bioenergetics is an intuitive science that combines psychoanalysis and hands on energy healing. It considers our entire emotional history to be crystallized in the body and that our blocks and difficulties in accessing our own power (and a deeper connection in our lives) are the results of “unfinished business” from early childhood. While growing up, we develop defense systems to prevent us from being overwhelmed by difficult experiences. The only problem is that we don’t release the fear and resistance afterwards, which leads to tension, constriction, illness, and a skewed worldview. We, to some degree, perceive our reality through the lens of a traumatized child.

Developed by Alexander Lowen as an extension of Wilhelm Reich's vegetotherapy, bioenergetic analysis utilizes several central personality types, each consisting of different body characteristics, defenses, life tasks, and gifts. A brief overview of these personalities reveals the provocative titles of the “schizoid,” “oral,” “masochist,” “psychopath,” “rigid," and, in some modalities, "narcissist." (Each of these character structures is complex and worthy of articles in themselves, which I hope to address in the future). According to bionergetic philosophy, every person has at least a portion of each personality type within their character make-up but typically one or two of these defenses will be more predominant than the others, requiring more attention in the healing process.

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