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55132 08-19-2005 11:38 AM

Oct 17, 2005 a date to keep in mind
No i am not predicting anything but the information and links that this person has posted are very interesting and quite compelling.

ckeck the links.

From: "Emily Cragg" <>
Subject: We're Screwed : And It's Intentional, Deliberate

...Keep in mind. Jesus taught : NONE of These Thoughts MATTER.

Dear Group,

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good
men do nothing." - Edmond Burke

Several people have e-mailed me requesting more information
about the significance of October 17th, 2005, and also what
exactly is the "October Surprise" about that is being discussed
on the low in powerful political circles.

Now October 17th, 2005, is the date when the NEW BANKRUPTCY
L-A-W-S laws go into effect, and also the little know fact
that this will change the U.S.'s bankruptcy Status from a
Chapter 11 Reorganization to a Chapter 7 Liquidation.

The foreign creditors that own most U.S. citizen's bonded
birth certificate security, will now be able to come in and
liquidate all of their tangible & intangible assets. Yes,
including the people aka U.S. citizen, because based on
unrevealed non disclosed adhesion contracts they will be
held as surety for their Strawman.

The people fall under the category of intangible assets and
thus have the "privilege" to work off their personal debt
and the national debt (see #11) in one of the up and running
National Concentration Camps located through out the country.
(see # 12).

All that's missing is another 9-11 national emergency.

If your watching the news I'm sure you see how they are
mentally preparing the people to accept the Al-Qaedaians
as this months new demon terrorist. What a perfect excuse
to take away whatever residual rights left from 9-11.

It is advised to keep Chicago US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
in your prayers he seems to be one of the few people that
has the guts to try and bring these tyrants to justice.
(see # 15)

Based on the numerous requests I decide to send my response
to everyone on my e-mail list. Although it may seem
complicated at first, it's really quite simple.

These links will cover the basics, so you may overstand the
IMPENDING CHAOS, which is consciously being orchestrated
around us. See for your self. The creator has given us all
FREE WILL. The choice is yours to believe or disbelieve.
Let your consciences be your guide.

Yes it is overstood, that under these heavily laden
circumstances denial is an acceptable form of coping.
Although not useful, but it is expected and acceptable.

1) The U.S. is not a country: its a corporation.


3) Your birth certificate was used as a tool to enslave you.
Also you marriage certificate, legally considered a
corporate merger.

4) Your birth certificate is the tool that turned you into a

5) The Two United States and the Law.

6) 15 historical facts that you thought you understood.




10) The Bankruptcy of the United States.

11) Bankruptcy and U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK.

(Note the day of 9-11 is when the debt surpassed the legally
sustainable amount, thus the quick entrance into the
unnecessary war.)

12) Yes American Concentration camps are real, ready & waiting.

13) Is there $ to be made by putting people in CONCENTRATION
CAMPS, prisons, & jails?

14) Bear in the mind the US Supreme Court just ruled on eminent
domain. ... The ruling states in a nutshell that YOUR
PROPERTY can be T-A-K-E-N for the greater public good.

15) Do you trust these guys to determine what is the greater
public good for you?

16) Was the PROOF in our face the whole time via the Martial Law
FLAG, the flag of admiralty, indicated by the gold fringes around
the edge of the flag. The same flag that flies in all our schools,
all our banks, all our libraries, all of our courts, and all
government buildings. Have we been asleep at the wheel?

17) Perception vs. Reality.

18) Did the Government secretly move the water line back to
place EVERY ONE under a maritime admiralty martial law


20) What can I do? Are their any steps to take toward freedom?
(See attachment also)

21) "The Truth as I see it."

Life gets better every day :)
Have a Great day

Reserving All Rights Without Prejudice
Territorial To Arizona

truebeliever 08-19-2005 12:12 PM

Re: Oct 17, 2005 a date to keep in mind
She adresses valid points.

i have no crystal ball nor a direct line to God as George Bush has...but I believe the talk of immenent disaster for the U.S to be a complete con.

They will draw out the tension for a couple more years...collapsing the economy as they go.

By combining a high oil price with a chaotic M.E and immenant release of virulent virus's they will cower the average peasant with a rain of left jabs to keep us destabilised. They will blame the economic disaster on everyone else bar themselves.

Asia will be taking the full force of the wrath of the irate WASP. That will help to solve China's "surplus" population and keep whitey VERY nervous at home and looking to the government to protect them from Mother Natures (Ft Deitrichs) wrath.

Rather than a death dealing blow it will be death via multiple causes...over an extended period.

When "they" talk of WMD's on American soil they are whacking the rat cage...they would'nt have the guts.

Saturnino 08-19-2005 12:29 PM

Re: Oct 17, 2005 a date to keep in mind
There is more talk about Oct 13th, which is Yom Kippur. Now that Jews are safe outside Gaza, they can bomb that modern Warsaw ghetto away.
That could be coordinated with an attack on US soil. Nuclear ? Why ? Even a small government staged attack with a car bomb would be enough to put Americans against Iran. Americans have an idol, and that idol is their country. They love it more than God, more than themselves. You step on their toes, they shoot you.

55132 08-19-2005 03:39 PM

Re: Oct 17, 2005 a date to keep in mind
The 2 dates can be related because if the kazar jews decide to start a big one in israel it will surely drag in the "usa" this in turn can cause the nations that are against the israel nwo jewdom to somehow affect the usa economy by trying to cashin the debt bought too the usa. thus making us all liable for uncle sams humungus debt. (I just feel terrible for the remanent of israel who is in the midst of it all)

anyone know the cheapest way to new aistralia?

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