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susej 08-20-2005 05:34 AM

Sino Russian troop manouvres
does anyone have any opinions on the military manouvres that took place this week on the chinese coast involving a joint force of 10,000 chinese and russian troops,it was staged on the pretence that it was all about counter terrorism,although destroyers,aircraft carriers and the like where also involved.The Chinese also insisted on it being as close to Taiwan as possible.

freeman 08-20-2005 05:54 AM

Re: Sino Russian troop manouvres
This is the first I've heard about this, so thanks for the information.
But logic would seem to dictate that if Russians and Chinese are working together, they must be reacting to a common enemy: The West.
I can only guess that their combined intelligence has perceived some kind of a military threat from the West and is reacting to it.

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