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John Matrix 11-06-2009 05:56 PM

John Matrix: censored on ATS and arriving here!
I was arbitrarily post banned by Mithful Me at ATS two weeks ago. Site owner, SkepticOverlord refused to reinstate me and told me he would lift my post ban after two weeks. Today is two weeks and he has turned on his own word. The post ban was and act of discrimination and censorship. Look at my ATS profile page and you will see I have lots of friends over there, and people have paid their respects to me many times.

So I did a search on google to see if I could find out where the banned and post banned ATS members are going and this site came up.

This is what I left on my profile page:

Well friends, I made it to Bronze contributor, in less than 9 months from the date I signed up. I have been given 1800 stars, 139 flags and 4 applauses. I made 2,480 posts and received 1,250 responses.

I know it says I started 44 threads under my profile stats, but that's an error. I never started 44 threads's only about a dozen. So my stats are not all that bad when you consider all the numbers. I tried hard and worked hard at being a good contributor on ATS. To have earned a Bronze Contributor rating was uplifting. I felt that I had achieved something. Did I? Now I'm not sure. If you consider me a friend and would like to contact me, please contact me in U2U and I will give you my email addy.'s been fun.

Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions you might have.

revolution60 11-08-2009 09:05 PM

Re: John Matrix: censored on ATS and arriving here!
why were you banned?

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