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BlueAngel 11-17-2009 12:46 AM

Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment

EireEngineer 11-17-2009 12:51 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
I guess she should have thought about that before hand. The mission of our military is to kill the enemy and break their stuff, not to provide daycare for those who expect that it should be like any other 9-5 job.

Vera 12-02-2009 06:03 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
The problem she is facing is the fact she DID have a plan for childcare in case she was deployed. Unfortunately, that fell through. The military is not too understanding, when it comes to family. As the saying goes, "If you were meant to have a wife (family/child/etc), you would have been issued one." Does this mean those with family shouldn't join the military? No, it doesn't, but it does mean those people will have to be more aware of the problems that will arise with your family, as a result of being part of the military.


Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 62904)
because she has no one to care for her infant (10 month old) son and the military told her to put him in foster care.

Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby - Yahoo! News

By RUSS BYNUM, AP Military Writer Russ Bynum, Ap Military Writer

Mon Nov 16, 9:32 pm ET

SAVANNAH, Ga. An Army cook and single mom may face criminal charges after she skipped her deployment flight to Afghanistan because, she said, no one was available to care for her infant son while she was overseas.

Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21, claims she had no choice but to refuse deployment orders because the only family she had to care for her 10-month-old son her mother was overwhelmed by the task, already caring for three other relatives with health problems.

Her civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, said Monday that one of Hutchinson's superiors told her she would have to deploy anyway and place the child in foster care.

"For her it was like, 'I couldn't abandon my child,'" Sussman said. "She was really afraid of what would happen, that if she showed up they would send her to Afghanistan anyway and put her son with child protective services."
Hutchinson, who is from Oakland, Calif., remained confined Monday to the boundaries of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, 10 days after military police arrested her for skipping her unit's flight. No charges have been filed, but a spokesman for the Army post said commanders were investigating.

Kevin Larson, a spokesman for Hunter Army Airfield, said he didn't know what Hutchinson was told by her commanders, but he said the Army would not deploy a single parent who had nobody to care for his or her child.

"I don't know what transpired and the investigation will get to the bottom of it," Larson said. "If she would have come to the deployment terminal with her child, there's no question she would not have been deployed."

Hutchinson's son, Kamani, was placed into custody overnight with a daycare provider on the Army post after she was arrested and jailed briefly, Larson said. Hutchinson's mother picked up the child a week ago and took him back to her home in California.

Hutchinson, who's assigned to the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, joined the Army in 2007 and had no previous deployments, Sussman said. She said Hutchinson is no longer in a relationship with the father.

The Army requires all single-parent soldiers to submit a care plan for dependent children before they can deploy to a combat zone.

Hutchinson had such a plan her mother, Angelique Hughes, had agreed to care for the boy. Hughes said Monday she kept the boy for about two weeks in October before deciding she couldn't keep him for a full year.

Hughes said she's already having to care for her ailing mother and sister, as well as a daughter with special needs. She also runs a daycare center at her home, keeping about 14 children during the day.

"This is an infant, and they require 24-hour care," Hughes said. "It was very, very stressful, just too much for me to deal with."

Hughes said she returned Kamani to his mother in Georgia a few days before her scheduled deployment Nov. 5.

She said they told her daughter's commanders they needed more time to find another family member or close friend to help Hughes care for the boy, but Hutchinson was ordered to deploy on schedule.

Larson, the Army post spokesman, said officials planned to keep Hutchinson in Georgia as investigators gathered facts about the case.
"Spc. Hutchinson's deployment is halted," Larson said. "There will be no deployment while this situation is ongoing."

___ Russ Bynum has covered the military based in Georgia since 2001.

EireEngineer 12-06-2009 10:06 AM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
Exactly my point. Its not the military's responsibility to coddle her. She knew exactly what the expectations were should the unit get deployed, and if her plan fell through then she should have had a backup. Failing that, she should just accept getting chaptered out and let someone take her place that is capable of meeting the requirements of the job.

Vera 12-06-2009 12:35 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
I cannot disagree with you there. The military is not for everyone and is extremely difficult for a single parent. Most people wind up not lasting too long in the military if they are said single parents. It's not saying you're a failure by leaving the military, either. It's deciding taking care of your children is more important to you than staying in the military.


Originally Posted by EireEngineer (Post 63463)
Exactly my point. Its not the military's responsibility to coddle her. She knew exactly what the expectations were should the unit get deployed, and if her plan fell through then she should have had a backup. Failing that, she should just accept getting chaptered out and let someone take her place that is capable of meeting the requirements of the job.

EireEngineer 12-06-2009 04:14 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
Agreed. The two things are mutually exclusive.

samsamsonsoy 12-07-2009 06:10 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
The military is really designed for gay men. They should be the only ones sent into harms way for the tyrannical, treasonous queers (and pedophiles) who have hi-jacked this countrys' government. I support no heterosexuals in the military.

The Raw Story | Outed in Iraq: Gay soldiers fighting in Iraq discharged despite recruiting woes; Some quit under pressure

Bentham Science Publishers

EireEngineer 12-07-2009 07:56 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 63483)
I posted this story to depict the trials and tribulations of those who serve in the military and, as you can see, by the comments posted on this thread by members of this forum, they have taken this opportunity to bash a woman who serves in our military.

Obviously, they are not members of the armed forces.

Obviously you never were in the armed forces or you would understand that it is not a profession well suited to individuals that have children irresponsibly and then expect the military to let them slide on their contract. I personally had a female soldier do almost the same thing, and she was sent back to the block so fast her head was spinning. As well she should have.

EireEngineer 12-08-2009 05:33 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment
Still on that tired old one huh? I will have you know that I was a 31U20 and a 12B20 in the 16th Engineer Battalion. What branch did YOU serve in? Huh?

EireEngineer 12-09-2009 06:33 PM

Re: Soldier Mom Refuses Deployment

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 63525)
Serving in the military, whether you did or did not, doesn't make you better than anyone else.

I didn't serve in the military, but I served my country as a youngster when I was incarcerated in MKULTRA/Project Monarch, a CIA trauma-based mind control program where I was abused by military personnel and other elements within our government and continue to serve my country as an adult in other ways.

The operative word would be that I'm an OPERATIVE, but in no way, shape or form would the acronym CIA proceed the word OPERATIVE.

So, what did this female soldier do to you personally that was similar to the woman in the article?

Can't answer a simple question?

Didn't think so.

Sure you were in MKULTRA. As for the soldier, are you having a hard time with reading comprehension? I never said she did anything to me personally...besides endagering our operational capability with her irresponsible behavior. That, specifically, why I recommended her for removal from service.

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