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Mawashi 08-24-2005 01:00 AM

Interesting building
While playing around with Google Earth, I found by chance a particularly interesting building located on the spit in San Diego Bay. Judging by its location adjacent to the naval base and what appears to be an army base, it looks to be a government building, probably a military building, but I can't confirm this one way or the other.

This building clearly is in the shape of a Nazi swastika! I did a search and found a few references to it, plus this picture. Could've just been an architect with Nazi sysmpathies, or maybe something else...

Max 08-24-2005 10:52 AM

Re: Interesting building
Nice find- I just tracked it down and got a link:

I've also become observant of occult symbolism in archetcutire as well and have noted some in my area. One thing I've noticed is a lot of "uncapped" pyrmaids on the top of buildings- they make no sense.

Similarly- a building of major note in my area, the Williams Tower / aka the Transco Tower has a pyrmaids on the top as seen here:

This building stands as the tallest building in the world outside of a downtown area. While the pyrmaid doesn't appear to be uncapped there is something else of note in that there is a spotlight at the top that rotates 360 degrees. While I haven't seen it operational recently I could never understand why they did this at night- now I understand...

The all seeing eye of Lucifer shines over Houston:

Here is another map link to another building in Houston- note the two pyrminds on top-- why spend the money?

What's most interesting about these is that at night the caps glow with radiated light from within- so Illumanti. I need to get some day and night pics of these sometime.

Mawashi 08-24-2005 10:20 PM

Re: Interesting building
Good pics those, Max. Truebeliever or someone posted some pictures a short while back of the Israeli supreme court building, which has got "occult" written all over it. Hardly surprising when it's the Rothschilds who funded its construction.

I was also looking at the overhead shot of Washington DC and saw the pentagram street layout clear as day, though it looks like one of the lines has been partly erased to make way for a modified street grid on the SW side. And the Washington Monument obelisk. And the obelisk in St Perter's Square in the Vatican. I'm sure such dubious architecture and symbolism is all over the place if we care to look.

10-13-2006 10:24 AM

Re: Interesting building
Google Earth is endlessly fascinating. I think I've covered all the military bases, both well known and still unknown and have found many an oddity without necessarily looking for them. My personal favorite is the view of DC from above [there's a pentagram in India as well], the Vatican, and Versailles.

Here's a picture to do this thread some justice;

and hmm, speaking of the [red shield] Rothchild's...

Ever hear of the Opus One Winery in Napa Valley?

Opus One

Tell me that isn't the largest pyramidal masonic square/compass symbol you've ever seen!

This place tells many tales. I won't bother to relay my own investigation to you but I will tell you that the name, the location, the architecture, the emblem... the history... everything about this place will be of interest to most of you.

Official Opus One Website

10-13-2006 10:50 AM

Re: Interesting building

10-13-2006 01:47 PM

Re: Interesting building
Want to see an interesting building?

Frost Bank Tower is a skyscraper in Austin, Texas. Standing 515 feet (157 meters) tall and containing 33 floors, it is the tallest building in Austin. It is taller than the tallest building in many other U.S. cities including San Diego, California; Oakland, California; and Phoenix, Arizona. It was designed by Duda/Paine Architects, LLP and HKS, Inc. It has the title for tallest logo above ground in the city. The silvery blue color glass facade has only been used on one other building in the world, Reuters Building in New York City.

When looking directly at the corner, the top of the building appears to be the head of an owl, the mascot for Frost Bank, with the Frost logos making the eyes; the beak and ears are also clearly seen. Many say this building represents Moloch the Owl. Others contend that this is coincidental, since almost any clock tower resembles an owl, with the clocks making the eyes, and nearby is the Main Building of The University of Texas at Austin, a clock tower which is the subject of a false urban legend: that it was intentionally designed to look like an owl by a Rice University graduate.


Too new for viewing @ Google Maps... apparently...


10-13-2006 01:54 PM

Re: Interesting building #forumpost32314

10-13-2006 02:12 PM

Re: Interesting building
Yes, well aware this was mentioned elsewhere in this forum. I chose this thread to drop all I did because people seemed to be more engaged here. The title of *this* thread alone caught my attention and I decided to post a select few from my personal collection. Surely these comments of mine evoked more in you than the need to point out to me that this had been posted by you in another thread? I didn't intentionally NOT respond to your thread... I promise. I have a hard time believing you have NO questions or comments regarding Opus One or the massive bank Owl. I'll save all that for later when others have had a chance to look into it.

Hmm... you now have me confused. You didn't strike me as being this way. Perhaps I'm misreading you. Time will tell.

10-13-2006 02:17 PM

Re: Interesting building
If you notice after me posting it the first time I didn't ad my thoughts to it , I thought that it was good material, and let the board decided if they wanted to contribute to it, since no one did except Redrat11, I figured you evidently didn't care to make conversation on it, so I dropped it, and went on to something else.

10-13-2006 02:20 PM

Re: Interesting building
Another thought I had was that someone else had possibly already posted that info, and didn't care to ad anything to that posting.

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