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bunkey 11-25-2009 08:28 AM

So help me verify this please..
My life has been quite a ridiculous one, I happen to have been able to view it in a very strange angle.. See, I'm a true hermaphrodite, and I have the ability to appear as either gender. And quite attractive as both too I might say ;) It seems that I see this going on.. I actually still have both junk, but the girly sides covered up. My grades in school were amazing I consistently was years ahead of every student in my school in every single way. I didn't really concern myself with the social bullshit that most did. My

Basically the fundamentalist Christians believe that 2012 is going to be when "homosexuality proliferates" or the androgynous people are going to retake control of the world.

Now be it all the gods are androgynous in nature, the number one problem in society today is the gender and sexual confusion that almost everyone has. Androgynous people used to be the ones in power. The ancient greek philosophers, Alexander the Great so on so on.. Man was the servant of the androgyne. Then Christianity became dominant in the west and started it's spread and MAN continues to wipe out androgynous people for the next 2000 years in many ways..

Nowadays, the repressed gender people in power, mainly USA, see that the new generation of kids is an ANDROGYNOUS generation. There is supposed to be a huge culture shift because of the massive size of the under 21s in the country.

I watched a lot of movies in a period over the last year. Almost all good actors are VERY androgynous. Meaning carrying very powerful masuline AND feminine energies. The KIDS in every damn movie seem to be like this: goofy, feminine kid who has some quirks, goes on adventure, learns a life lesson in basically doing something the older folks would consider "manly". In almost all these movies, they're encouraging him that he will BE A MAN SOMEDAY. THIS IS A REALLY FUCKING COMMON occurance. My friends and I all watched the movies together, so it really isn't me. I'm speaking of movies that are newer and very high cost productions targeted towards families or teens.

Gays are androgynous in nature. Intersex are true androgynes. Both are immensely repressed by society. Just think about all the gay stuff. It's ridiculous. Over the last 2000 years has everyone forgot that our sexuality is an ALL ENCOMPASSING energy?? No matter who we are. EVERY SINGLE HAS THE POTENTIAL FOR ATTRACTION TO ANY gender. And there are more than 3.

Now they want to start a new world order.. And the people in power are the Men who are repressed, money hungry idiots who have no idea how to be one with the world.

In my eyes, it pretty much explains everything. 2012 is when the androgynes, the true beings of this earth, refind the connection. I believe the end of the world will only come if the lost succeed in keeping us as slaves. I'm exhausted, I have so much I would like to add and expand on if anyone agrees of sees anything. I hope maybe someone here can see it..

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