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Kolovision 12-03-2009 06:08 AM

Facebook And Lovers Conspiracy
I have a theory that when two people join together to become one, partners/lover's if you will the world of Facebook also join's them together as can be seen below in the image I have included.

This leads me to believe only one thing, and one thing only, Facebook is not only alive and all knowing all seeing but there is only one other being that is known in those terms....God a.k.a Jehovah a.k.a. Heavenly Father a.k.a Ignorant Deity.

With all the facts staring you in the face it can only lead you to one conclusion on the state of the world, if God is Facebook....and the facts state nothing to the contrary, then this would explain why so much suffering is going on...He's trapped in Facebook.

We need to join together to get the Ignorant Deity out of Facebook and out into the world to sort it out, we don't want what Season 5 of Supernatural has predicted, apparently the colt doesn't work on Lucifer.
Please Discuss...

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