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Public Enemy Number One 12-25-2009 10:35 AM

Left-Right Alliance: A discussion among the Left and the Right
After watching the debates on the Hill, it has become apparent that we are currently experiencing a very rancorous era in American politics.
The thought occurred to me that a frank, two way discussion between those on the Left and the Right might be fruitful, leading to some common agreements on various subjects. The hope, then, would be to put aside the rancor and defamation rained on the opposite side by the opposition, and form an Alliance based on shared values, aspirations and desires.

Politically, I try to avoid dogmatic stances in politics. This is, of course, because Jesus is neither a Progressive nor a Conservative nor do the Scriptures pretend to comment on American politics.
I would therefore be interested in hearing from both sides, but I ask that we do not resort to name calling, e.t.c.
To begin the discussion, I think both Progressives and Conservatives have a mutual interest in those impoverished in our nation. Taking for granted that each side contains people of good will, let me ask you this question:

1) What is the best means to reduce ( or eliminate) poverty?

2) Is it possible to do, and if so, where has it been done?

3) Should it be dealt with by social programs or is it better done by other means such as: a) charity b) work incentives c) other means?

4) Has poverty grown, nationally, or decreased? What, if anything, can we do to try to give impoverished families a "leg up"

Please feel free to express your opinions. As I said, I do not feel constrained to defend/attack any position since politics, by it's very nature, has nothing to do with the Bible or the Church. As I have said before, Jesus was neither a Republican or Democrat, and seemed to embody both values.

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