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babbit 01-12-2010 12:03 AM

The Joe Blow Conspiracy Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** The Joe Blow Conspiracy Show - Gossip, Opinions, History, News
*** 8pm US CST Fri and 2am EU CET Sat on Revere Radio
*** skype:joeblowman

*** To come on the show, meet us at our Bittorrent tracker/AJAX chat/forum!
*** The Umunu Conspiracy!

*** Download/listen to the shows at the following locations:

The Joe Blow Conspiracy Show - 100101 - Gossip, Opinions, History, News

1. Joe challenges Alex Jones to an Internet Death-Match!
Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
* AJ is trying to get Michael Collins Piper fired from American Free Press.
Michael Collins Piper Report
American Free Press Newspaper
+ Jim Tucker "The Old Man Fucker" wants to do to MCP what he did to Mark Glenn.
The Ugly Truth
+ We must rid ourselves of this filth!

2. Joe has a discussion with TarasBulba, DJChronic, Vigilius, and the topics include:
Wake The Fuck Up | Home
Wake The Fuck Up | Home

* The 2009 Year in Review:
+ People were scared to name the Jew, but now, everybody does it.
+ The No-Planers had massive in-fighting and have imploded.
+ The Black-Popers are completely discredited, nobody believes their bullshit anymore.
+ The fake Iranian Protests did not go anywhere.
+ The Crash was expected, but did not occur.
+ The Gaza Genocide back-fired on the Jew.

* We make fun of Alex Jones, because we can, hehehe.
+ AJ had a really shitty year:
- Joe called into his show and called him a motherfucker.
- Everybody knows his wife is a Jew, confirmed.
- 16 out 19 of his sponsers have been exposed as Jews.
- He drives in an expensive car and lives in a gigantic mansion.
+ All his new movies suck and are just a bunch of YouTube clips with pretty graphics.
+ Vigilius becomes offended and protects AJ, he is an ardent Info-Warrior.
- Maybe AJ had good reasons to have Bill Cooper killed.
Hour of the Time

* The 2010 Future Predictions:
+ Will AJ be assissinated and when?
+ The NAU and Amero will be a reality.
+ Nothing seriously different will be occuring, more of the same.

3. Joe recites a modernized version of a speech given by Joseph Goebbels
The Jew
* "Der Jude," Der Angriff. Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1935), pp. 322-324.
+ "The Jew," The attack. Essays from the period of struggle.


Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote
Azar Shiva - Soltane Ghalbha

Joe Blow recommends these websites:
The Umunu Conspiracy!
Ognir's The Information Underground - TiU Radio
Zionism Research - The French Connection - Fighting Criminal Zionism
Wake Up From Your Slumber | The Truth Will Set You Free

Send tips to or call skype:joeblowman

BlueAngel 01-12-2010 09:20 PM

Re: The Joe Blow Conspiracy Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since Club Conspiracy isn't mentioned as a top website exposing conspiracies in one of the links you've provided in your post, it is this writer's opinion that your thread and all of the links provided within lack credibility.

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