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dpgardne 01-19-2010 11:08 PM caught promoting the NWO (Not again!)
READ THIS B4 They take it down!!! LEAVE COMMENTS!!!

The Next Civil War

Rastor 01-29-2010 01:37 PM

Re: caught promoting the NWO (Not again!)

The same people that rule over us control the mainstream media and thatís the way it should stay.
I cant agree with the above statement at all.

Alex Jones is controlled by the same people, his job is to incite civil dissobedience, because the powers that be love creating wars and killing people.


Whatís ultimately to come is a world directed by a single governmental body such as the United Nations. Though we see this as mandatoryon a planet dominated by war, poverty, and fear of nuclear annihilation. Others see it as a threat
A world Government will happen only to enforce more controll, it will not be of benefit to the people of the world. (Copenhagen was the first attept at creating the world Government, if Obama had signed the treaty it would have been the end of the constitution. He didnt, I dont why yet though. I can understand why some feel the need to fight againts this ( but they wont last long), particularly patriots who fear the destruction of the Consitution.

All wars are maniplulated by the powers that be and Jones is a puppet in their hands, if he was a legitimate truther he would be in Jail or dead by now.
Instead he gets air time on fox news and gets richer flogging his porpoganda.

Having said that the constitution was formed by Masonic order people in my opinion anyway. They modelled their take over of America on Napoleans Masonic principles.

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