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freneau 01-22-2010 11:27 PM

Complacent Enslavement
Buenos noches, oameni buni. Always have to start the first post with a proper introduction. I am against all things secret, or just not commonly known. This is not to say much secret knowledge could be very beneficial in the right hands, its the principle of it being secret. As far as I'm concerned, occultism should be an elementary class taught to 1st graders and above alongside math and science. One could call this a pet peeve of mine.

Another is eugenics and bloodline purity. As my eye just involuntarily ticked at that thought, we'll just leave those genocidally fun topics alone for now. lol.

So, to end this post on an interesting note, some random thoughts: every country has underground military bases linked up by mag-lev trains, national boundaries are an illusionary game used to control us. Without the foundation, the pyramid cannot stand. Maybe if things are going to change, we have to stop voting for the republicrats and demopublicans? Finally, really? We are allowing ritual satanists/luciferians to steal our government and enslave us? Really?? C'mon now, this is no way for a race to evolve....

Have a happy new world order, because if you aren't happy about it, it doesn't exist. Think of the common football watching citizen as Peter Pan and the NWO as Tinkerbell, "we can only fly into a global depopulation Elite utopia if we believe." Its called corporate military psychological propaganda, gotta to love it!

Well, that was fun.

Not really, down with the new world order.

One of these pictures is the same belief structures of the others.

jane doe 01-23-2010 10:03 AM

Re: Complacent Enslavement
freneau, very thought provoking introduction. Love the quality of images you post as well. Good day.

Truthbetold 02-09-2010 06:19 AM

Re: Complacent Enslavement
I would love it when people stopped staring at their black box in the living room and did some more thinking of themselves

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