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Public Enemy Number One 02-13-2010 02:26 PM

A Good ZBlog
Knights Templar – 21st Century Christian Crusaders
“Gods Army on Earth”

Now more than ever does the world need a revival and resurgence of the legendary Army of Christian Warriors, the ‘Knights Templar’s’.

The World has entered a new phase in human history with Moslem's soldiers on the march across the entire Globe, seeking to conquer our lands and take our civilized World back into the ‘Dark Ages’ under the suppressive dark demonic force of Islam. The call for Holy war against non-Moslem's has gone out to the entire Islamic world and is being answered with Moslem's around the world uniting as a global ‘Islamic Religious army’, rising up against the entire non-Moslem world. They are seeking for the total destruction of our Judeo/Christian way of life so that they can enforce Allah’s will – ‘Islam’ upon the World. Their aim is to conquer our lands, enforce Islamic Law (Sharia law) upon our Nations and take our wives and children as their ‘spoils of war’.

Lionheart: Knights Templar – 21st Century Christian Crusaders

Kudos to a brave man willing to speak out AND FIGHT for his people and his land. You, sir, are a credit to the UK!

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