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The Poet 03-12-2010 02:25 PM

Please Show Me Mercy and Just Kill Me Allready!?!
Once again, I find myself sitting in my gloomy room writing this missive to a diseffected, alienated world. A freakish world of circus clowns, but the freaks are in control. I ask myself how can I relate to this virtual world of freaks, fuck ups and sadists that pull the puppet strings we call reality?
The answer is I can not. So all I can ask is why haven't they killed me yet? Please, it would be a mercy. I do not understand this world you havce created and with every day that passess I understand it less.
I look into your faces and see a twisted world of grimaces and clown like smiles glaring at me. Your eyes are like the eyes of a pig or boar, inhuman and demonic. You laugh but it is hollow, and more and more you seem like mechanical marionettes dancing a demonic dance of insanity. I do not understand this fucked up hallucination you call tears at my mind to try to understand the Mechivallian mechanics that runs this lunatic asylum you lyingly call life. LIFE? THIS IS DEATH!
Why haven't you killed me...Please, kill me, I am BEGGING YOU..PLEEAZE! I don't want to be a part of this insanity and I do not want to look inot the lifeless buttons you call eyes. You are without humanity, you have the eyes of beats, of predators..cold, inhuman and predatory. Please release me from this Bedlam you call America..SHOOT ME, PLEASE! I swear you won't go to prison if you shoot me in the forehead. It will be an act of mercy..

Since the heaven of my youth was stolen from me, I have lived this death in this Bedlam of demons, lunatics, clowns, freaks, sadists and maniacs you call the United States of America. More and more my soul is being torn from my hearts by the army of demonic mechanical marionettes that are the zombie life of this blasted and twisted world. I fear all too soon you will reduce me to a mechanical marionette, deprived of my soul- a soulless monster whom I can no longer recognize.
I like this is a mantra for me in my struggle to stop you from robbing me of my soul. It reminds me of why I must never trust you as you plot your evil plan to tear my heart out of my chest living and beating as a sacrafice to your devil God. Please if you believe in a God, ask him to rescue me from this Bedlam of clowns, freaks, sadists, mechanical marionettes and demons. Every day it becomes worse and I hear Hell in your laughter...

The Poet 03-12-2010 03:03 PM

Re: Please Show Me Mercy and Just Kill Me Allready!?!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 65714)
Who are THEY?

You know, the people who haven't killed you yet?

BTW, if someone shoots you or anyone in the forehead without it being an act of defense, it wouldn't be considered mercy and they would do prison time.

Society, Blueangel, society. Once they figure out that I am not one of their mechanical demonic marionettes, they'll stop at nothing to suck my soul out of me.
I am tired of waiting. I just want to get this over with. Look, you soulless bastards, DO IT ALLREADY! You've taken everything else, just END IT..O.K?!
See how unjust are laws are...An act of mercy murder? Ity should be obvious I am unfit to live in your sick, soulless, sinister, demonic society. Why do you keep forcing me to live?!?

The Poet 03-12-2010 03:47 PM

Re: Please Show Me Mercy and Just Kill Me Allready!?!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 65720)
So, the "THEY" to whom you refer is society.


I SUGGEST you seek professional help.

This thread will most likely be deleted.

Yes, the collection of soulless robots you call society. How does it feel knowing your humanity has been stolen fgrom you and you are a conditioned, heartless robot? Do you miss those "irrational" emotions that made you once human? I see that "robot-think" has invaded your human brain and has so corrupted you that the truth as conveyed by my poetic visionary abilities frighten you. What part of you is frightened-the robot or the human being?
Is it so scary to admit you have become a conditioned, brainwashed, controlled, overly rationalistic, computer-logic robot? Does your "robot-think" reject this or is there a spark of humanity that lies within that recognizes the truth I speak and is fighting with your "robot-think" for possession of your soul?
I sense that there is a great struggle within you. You recognize the truth of my vision, but the robot computer brain won't let you become free. The robot wants to live at all costs, and won't let the human part of you become free or overcome it. You must eventually decide if you will remain a Vulcan like robot this Industrial Revolution society has conditioned, brainwashed and designed you to be or if you will reclaim your humanity before you become a soulless android named BlueAngel.

oneview 03-12-2010 05:35 PM

Re: Please Show Me Mercy and Just Kill Me Allready!?!
We share the outside world around us, with everyone else.

We do not necessarily share the same
reality in ourselves with very many others.

You will have to handle your reality
of "how?" things be, by yourself.

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