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cherry 03-26-2010 09:40 PM

Sakurajima volcano predicted world wars.
Sakurajima volcano predicted world wars.

Japan's Conspiracy (3) P7

The volcano erupted in 1914. It actually heralded World War I.

And in 1940, it was used for the Pearl Harbor attack.

Even today, Sakurajima volcano is often confused with the Pearl Harbor.

In the video on the following page, you can see the volcano in the story of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Japan's Conspiracy (2) P5

In fact, the Japanese army used the volcano as the advance notice of the world wars.

Just before the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese navy conducted a military training around the volcano.

Some people say that the bay around the volcano is very similar to the Pearl Harbor, though I don't think so.

The Japanese government always sets up Kagoshima and the volcano as an imaginary enemy.

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