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Thumper 02-01-2005 11:49 PM

How should I live my life?
Living in this socialist matrix, where at the same time everything is collapsing around us, and most importantly, realizing this, how does one live his life? I became hip to this stuff since last year and as a University student I can only groan at every thing being taught there. I know I don't want to have kids and raise them in this world, and so I guess I'm biding my time by reading the Bible and trying to live a life for God.

Can anyone else share their experiences on how to cope? :-D

DoctorX 02-02-2005 01:42 AM

Re: How should I live my life?
Interesting thread! how do we cope with it? it is up to each individual. Let me tell you some of my story.

Personally knowing about the NWO has had many negative effects on me. I lost motivation because of knowing that there is not much of a future to look forward to. This is specially bad since im also a student and has really hurt me in college. All this studying for what? I have become lazy and carefree, after all why care about anything if the world is going to crumble and most of the worlds population could die in the coming years.

You mention starting a family, I have decided not to because it would be just evil to bring forth children in this age only for them to suffer and die young in the coming global cataclysms.

I live life day to day, nothing gets me happy, nothing excites me, I just live day to day, just going about my business and doing the best I can, trying to live morally and being a good person. Sounds boring, but now that I think of it im no different than millions of other people in this world who aren't really motivated! (just another Al Bundy) :lol:

55132 02-02-2005 04:47 AM

Re: How should I live my life?
Knowing what is happening should be considered a privilage something the majority of the world will never gasp. Of cousres knowing this and having no hope can be a curse.

I would recomend you and others to seek spiritual help. In the book of revelations (apocalyps) the story of the nwo is spelled out specialy its rise to power and its destruccion. Read it and think that this was written over 2000. years ago (parts over 3000 years old in the book of Daniel)

Use what you know to better your self and choose paths that will protect you and your loved ones. Don't despair thats what the deciever wants.


There is a GOD and he loves you

marypopinz 02-02-2005 06:58 AM

Re: How should I live my life?
Hey ho folks,

This is an interesting question. Having had children already, the way the world is for them is often a souce of sadness for me. It's hard to get happy when the system is being mean to your kids. It's hard when your children have to learn to make allowances for the ignorant adults they have to deal with.

I took my youngest out of school as her teacher is a bitch. The good thing that happened there was that after I locked horns with the gay principal(which I do not agree with), Miss Pain has at least learned to stop yelling at the primary class. My son in grade 6, sits across the hall from her, hears everything. None of the kids like her or the principal.

I'm an adult and I can't tolerate those two idiots!

How do I cope? You gotta learn to role with the punches. If uniherdity is not doing it for you - leave. I advocate trade schools for a brighter future. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians - these fields earn great money, are easy to learn and can be a very satisfying job.

I am 38 and I live by "Hurdles into Stepping Stones." It's my mantra, you could say. I get another hurdle or a roadblock, I ask God for help and do what I can to move forward.

As I have expressed here, I believe everyone throws away their rosy colored glasses when they start learning about the truth and replace them with MIB dark conspiracy shades - the world appears an awfully dark place.

Getting out in nature and going for a walk in God's Eden we call earth is a great fixer-upper for me. Helps to put everything into perspective. I also listen to music that lifts me.

I do not believe the NWO has the complete power overthe world, that they profess. We are only learning how they want things to be - the New World Order - that doesn't mean it is going to be the way they want it. God is running the show in my books.

I, personally, believe in divine intervention. Most people are just no longer attuned to the average everyday miracle of waking up still breathing.

I understand and appreciate that there are those in this world who are living hell in comparison to my life so who am I to give up when I have it so easy, in comparisonto most? What I am getting at, is that even in these crazy hard times we need to be grateful for the good. Thankful, just to be alive.

We, as a global society, need to focus more on the good in life. Compassion is a word I'm going to write about this morning.

Get on with your life and enjoy it as much as possible. When you understand the ripples you may encounter, makes it much easier to get out the boat, chuck it over your shoulders and portage your canoe avoiding the rough waters.

If you are caught in a current, you can either be a guppy and go with the flow or you can run like Salmon, leaping out over and past the waters that would disrupt your course.

Life is a choice. How determined and focussed are you? Are you focussing on being happy or being miserable? That's the reality I live in and the way I live my life. I don't know if it helps...

Mary XXX

billiard 02-02-2005 07:44 AM

Re: How should I live my life?
to become despondent is normal.anger also a normal reaction. i first became aware of the illuminati,the central bankers and the push for world government(new world order not being a popular term then)in 1979 and for years the effects of knowing were all negative. eventually the fear and depression drove me back toward has been much better since then .

mary is focus on the good things in life(there are many) and thank God for them. you realize that your knowledge has sharpened you,has fine-tuned you to be a better person,a more thoughtful,aware person, a person more teachable,more receptive to spiritual issues.and those issues are eternal issues. our life here,although important to us,is temporary.

also,this is a slow-moving beast we're talking's not like they're coming for you tomorrow. make plans,balance your checkbook,buy a home,a car, save money and above all...keep a good sense of humor and enjoy your life. God gave you a life to enjoy and he wants you to enjoy it . and remember this is really HIS plan not the devil's. in the end ,God wins and therefore,his children win as well.

so you live,you learn,and you laugh. and you do your best to leave it with God. faith means trusting ...hard to trust,living in today's world...but learning to trust Him,that He will take care of you, come what may, is possibly the most valuable lesson in life.

i apologize if this sounds condescending thumper(you too doctor), my children are your age. :) i have my down days too but have learned a few things,in spite of myself,that have helped me.
hope my perspective helps you.


jncmrw 02-02-2005 12:09 PM

Re: How should I live my life?
Yeah thumper, I'm a recent college dropout because I couldn't take all the NWO mind control that they train you with in University. GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD! READ THE WORD! The Bible. Pray. REPENT. check out:

I spent the longest time out of work(couldn't deal with the the whole NWO b.s.) but I've found a job where I have a little more freedom than the majority of jobs that cause you to conform to their lies, beliefs, corruption, and slavery. If you're a guy, find a trade or a physical labour job, I found that it allows me to work in an environment where my mind can be free and not be bombarded with NWO propaganda all day long and vain conversations with NWO representatives(knowing ones or not--whole world outlook--feminist, materialist, evolutionist, covetous paper chasers views).

Reading The WORD,(the bible), praying, and walking in CHRIST JESUS have all helped me.

It is still hard. Living in a world that is a lie. I've also thought about children. GOD willing, if I do, they would be homeschooled and kept out of the world(NWO influenced parts...ex. media, schools, etc.) as much as possible. Right now though, it is not in the immediate future.


Live to GOD, He is in control. HE IS THE KING!


"...greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world." - 1 John 4:4 (KJV)


nohope187 02-13-2005 02:11 PM

Re: How should I live my life?
Enjoy the little things like sunshine and having a roof over my head and clothes on my back and having food to eat help get me by. Relationship with God is a good thing, but don't involve yourself too much with the corporate church. Having friends helps even if they're clueless about the NWO. I've seldom met anyone receptive enough to wake up to the NWO issues, though I've met at least one in my life-time. For the most part, try and continue living like the worst will never happen, even though it eats away at the back of your mind. At least you'll know what kind of world you live in and when the shit hits the fan, you won't panic as much as everyone else 'cuz you were half expecting it anyway. :roll: :pint: :evil: :-o :oops: 8-) :hammer:

get_real 02-13-2005 02:17 PM

Re: How should I live my life?
"Live Like You Were Dying'" --Tim McGraw

nohope187 02-13-2005 07:07 PM

Re: How should I live my life?
dumbass answer: Very Carefully! 8-)

Rastor 12-02-2009 01:47 AM

Re: How should I live my life?

Originally Posted by Thumper (Post 2669)
Living in this socialist matrix, where at the same time everything is collapsing around us, and most importantly, realizing this, how does one live his life? I became hip to this stuff since last year and as a University student I can only groan at every thing being taught there. I know I don't want to have kids and raise them in this world, and so I guess I'm biding my time by reading the Bible and trying to live a life for God.

Can anyone else share their experiences on how to cope? :-D

Bringing up my young son with my wife gives me hope and purpose. Once you have made your mind up to die for what you believe if the time ever comes then you are ok. Enjoy being a beacon of light and love to others, because that is the only reason we havent been raptured yet.

Your are the light of the world and the salt of the earth- shine on.

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