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Sentrynox 04-18-2010 08:46 PM

I am Sentrynox!!
Hello everyone!

I am Sentrynox, and have a wide backgrounds including studies in Paleontology, and 27 other scientific fields! I am a scriptwriter of formation (English is not my main language), and have worked on a movie project for over 17 years now!
I did, through this wide range experience came to see an emerging trend that I want to share here!

Its all about the current state of the world affairs, but more predominantly toward the existence of a Singularity (as described by reputed Roboticians) that is to take over Humanity's will and Biological evolution! I also explain the master plan of the NWO and how they got tricked in creating this beast that is now getting out of control, as its synthetic consciousness arise slowly but indubitably!

The Mind Traveler

Thanks for your time and "see" you around!

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