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cbluemagica 05-12-2010 05:33 PM

16th chappel easter egg
Youve all seen it. or have you? ---a naked adam sitting mountain top with an extended arm and finger pointed limply towards god who has created him, god being a white hair and bearded man with sackcloth clothing accompanied by angels in red silk cloth in sky.--- thats what you see. now behold my magical powers as my words wake you up like folders coffee!!! read and take another look. ---david is not sitting on a mountain! its a mosey riverbed/greysand beach! thats not the sky, its water! thats not red silk! its a womans womb! thats not angels or god! thats the cycles of a mans life, and adam is simply pointing towards his reflecting life span! the artist was an athiest who painted the whole church for profit and thrawting of facing any chance of being burned at the stake by an evil religous empire--- now go look at the painting, ...and tell me if you see god creating adam? -yours truly, the Divine A.C.

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