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ibeme 05-24-2010 09:38 AM

Searching for truths
Hi...i have come across this forum i suppose on my mission for the truth.

I'm a guy, twenty years old and I live in Cardiff, Wales, UK...if anyone was at all interested :)

For about a year now i have been researching and discovering things that have changed my hole perception on life.

I would say I am pretty spiritual to a sense that i feel things allot of the time rather then have the ability to put them into words. I also recently discovered the Buddhist philosophy of which allot i agree with but also some things i suppose i don't so much ether way I would never say I am a Buddhist as I am me and nothing more.

People would say I am a dreamer but i would say I am awake.....but boy do i dream.

I think its obvious to most of us that society and the way our species is progressing forward my own words....fake....i feel i live in a society where everything is fake.....every person in it has to wear multiple masks for multiple situations....multiple egos......most projected onto us i see from the media....people don't know what its like to be them selves....and the masks they wear they seem to think are real.....and any actual real thoughts or feelings they have they choose to suppress because they have gotten it into there heads...that there true thoughts and feelings are wrong and need to be hidden under a mask which they believe is them selves.

I think the first discovery was realising that I myself have been forged in the belly of the machine. I myself have been and still am brainwashed by a society that i can not escape. I look back at my life and see all the things I have done and realise why I have done them. Am at a point where i find it hard sometimes to put these things to the back of my mind and just go with the flow because i feel like when i do I am not being true to my self....i find it now impossible to bend to the will of conformity and be happy about it.....yet i know if society was to break down and the hole machine and everything was to sudenly shut down....I would die like everyone else due to not knowing anything but this society...and not having the ability to survive with out it.

I'm a very deep thinker.....i seem to delve deep down into subjects....someone cant simply say the sky is blue and leave it at that because I would end up saying well the sky is blue because such and such and feel the need to explain it lol

I hunger for knowledge....I want to know everything....and i know its not possible so I want to know as much as is possible.....

To me Academic skills do not make you

Academic skills are skills and nothing more

True intelligence......or in better words wisdom comes from with in you and not from outside influences....

true understanding....the ability to discover and the ability to learn....a open mind

Open Mindedness is by far in my opinion the foundation of intelligence. With out a open mind i believe you do not have the ability to be intelligent

you may know might know allot....but its because you was taught it....with out a open mind you never really have the ability to understand things or change things.....or learn new things or contradict yourself and admit you are wrong and be happy about the fact. With out a open mind you are bound to the views of the majority and never really have the ability to make your own.

I in some sense believe we are all the same, we are all minds within body's of which dictate our minds ability.

we all start out rather the same....and through conditioning turn out to be what we eventually are.

I do not look down on the ignorant....the naive...the conformist....the fool....the dumb.
we are all in some extent all these things...some more then others...ether way it is not the minds fault.

Things like the Zeitgeist documentary can be a real wake up call for some....some not even able to give it a chance....not out of choice...but the truth is its from mental limitation limited by the machine we all work on.

I feel like I can see things that others cant...and it scares me at times.

I apologise if i make little sense at times....I can find it hard to put things into words sometimes.

Anyway....I am going on abit...considering this is first time here.....the summary i suppose is that i want open minded people in which I can talk with.

peace :)

emerging 06-09-2010 07:03 PM

Re: Searching for truths
Very cool intro! Sounds like you have a lot of depth for your age. I like what you have to say.

ibeme 06-11-2010 06:50 AM

Re: Searching for truths

Originally Posted by emerging (Post 68600)
Very cool intro! Sounds like you have a lot of depth for your age. I like what you have to say.

much appreciated

outfrom 08-04-2010 06:37 PM

Re: Searching for truths
Living the now. Currently dead on my feet. Welcome "ibeme".

jane doe 08-04-2010 07:13 PM

Re: Searching for truths

Originally Posted by outfrom (Post 69572)
Currently dead on my feet.

:) a nice winter is all one needs to regrow dead seeds.

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