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Leonard Chisholm 06-12-2010 03:15 AM

Catholic Disgrace
I personally consider it disgraceful that a human being believed to be a representative of God can say sorry for the crimes that Catholic priests have committed and the whole of the Cathiolic community should hang their heads in shame. If it is justified for a priest to continue in the priesthood without being dismissed and punished by court of law, then release all those outside the Catholic ministry and let them go free. Once again an excuse based of forgiveness but only by a false human being who foolish people believe he is a direct represetative of God. The Pope is as guilty as the priests as according to law, he is an accessory after the fact. Time people woke up to what is God's laws and it is clearlhy stated that God states that all should obey the law of the land.:eek:

Beliha 08-17-2010 04:04 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace

If the rest of that church hierarchy is anything to go by then this is normal. No change from the Inquisition period when it was illegal, according to the RC Pope, to be of any other persuasion and you could be burned for that heresy. Roman Catholics should be banned from English politics as they have for centuries been trying to destroy us for being Protestant.

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