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Leonard Chisholm 06-12-2010 03:22 AM

Catholic Disgrace
I personally consider it disgraceful that a human being believed to be a representative of God can say sorry for the crimes that Catholic priests have committed and the whole of the Cathiolic community should hang their heads in shame. If it is justified for a priest to continue in the priesthood without being dismissed and punished by court of law, then release all those outside the Catholic ministry and let them go free. Once again an excuse based of forgiveness but only by a false human being who foolish people believe he is a direct represetative of God. The Pope is as guilty as the priests as according to law, he is an accessory after the fact. God clearly states that all should obey the laws of the land. Is the Pope outside the laws of human rights and think he is God himself and not his representative. Time he looks at human rights. Time all the wealth that he controls was given to compensate for those who have suffered. I am sure he is well looked after and is comforted by those law breakers.:confused:

RedAngel 06-12-2010 12:25 PM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
You rephrase this thead;

"God is a disgrace"

kerry 06-12-2010 06:05 PM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
catholics are not the descrace.. what those few priest did was
i dont know to much about this but what is a descrace is non catholic churches marrying gays. and those non catholic churches in ireland.. now thats a descrace

monk 06-17-2010 12:15 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
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The Jesuits preach Jesus but are little more than preists of Isis/Sirius, they were formed by a Bull in Rome on 21st July 1550, called Exposcit Debitum.

On that day in Rome, Sirius rose with the Sun, you can't get more ancient Egyptian than that...please click on download, when image comes up please click on it again to make clearer and bigger, the red line shows curve of the Earth.

monk 06-17-2010 12:32 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
The Exposcit Debitum link isn't working properly however scroll down link to "Please search for Exposcit Debitum in wikipedia" and click on this, this should give you the information you require.

The Gregorian Calendar's main architect was the Jesuit mathematician Christopher Clavius, link below:-

Christopher Clavius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On the Prime Meridian and every 15 degrees of longitude there after, the Gregorian Calendar points to to Sirius in the middle of the sky at midnight on 1st January, slightly modified from the ancient Egyptian Calendar where Sirius rose with the Sun on New Years Day, the change was made by the invention of the clock!

Sirius midnight culmination New Year’s Eve | Tonight | EarthSky

monk 06-18-2010 03:29 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
The symbol of Gnosticism is important in studying Hermetic astrology where dates are chosen to align to Sirius/Isis or Alnilam/Belt of Orion/Osiris by intention.

The symbol is a Cross within a Circle like a snipers sights, and point to the positions to align stars.

Gnosticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Before we use midnight only sunrise and sunset were used as a fix to align the stars, midnight was included as the clock emerged.

monk 06-18-2010 03:40 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
Hermetic astrologers use a margin or orb of one degree, meaning that the alignment can be used if it is up to one degree or four minutes out of synch of an exact alignment.

So looking at the fix of sunrise, this can occur on four dates when looking at a Sirius alignment, examples below:-

Sun rising with the Sun.

Sun rising while Sirius is culminating in centre of sky.

Sun rising while Sirius is setting along the curve of the Earth in the West at location

Sun rising while Sirius is on the Nadir, the opposite to being in the centre of the sky above you.

In the next thread section i'm looking at the Sun rising while Sirius culminates in the centre of the sky in regards to the date of the Vatican Obelisk finishing date in its present position outside the front door of the Vatican.

monk 06-18-2010 03:54 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
Oops i mean Sun rising with Sirius...mistake!

I have to give two pictures both at the same time to show the Sun rising while Sirius is culminating, in astronomy in the Northern Hemisphere, to show what star is in the middle of the sky, it needs a straight line upwards from South ( In the Southern Hemisphere this changes to straight up from North, however we are dealing with Rome that is in the Northern Hemisphere.

It was Pope Sixtus that moved the obelisk that was completed on 28th September 1586, just after calendar reform.

Vatican Obelisk

I will show download pictures of astronomy on next thread section.

monk 06-18-2010 04:16 AM

Re: Catholic Disgrace
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In Picture one it shows the Sun rising at 05:57:18 am in Rome on 28th September 1586, the red line is the curve of the Earth, i use up too much ink using colours.

In Picture two it shows that at the same time that Sirius was Culminating in the centre of the sky by a straight line up from South.

As the Sun rose on 28th September 1586 in Rome at 05:57:18am, the Obelisk was pointing to Sirius, common Hermetic beliefs in action.

Please click on downloads, then click on image to make bigger and clearer.

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