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kerry 06-20-2010 05:58 PM

9/11 no planes theory created by liars.

Contacting WABC-TV |

the no planes theory in 9/11 is so full of crap i am going to proove it right now. one link is the home page for new york city. the other link is to contact ABC news. ask the questions at the right links and you will get your answer.. two planes hit the wtc towers in new york and was seen by thousands of witnesses. a plane crashed into the pentagon another plane was crashed after the passengers on the plane decided to fight the terrorist.. there is some form of propaganda trying to make as many as possable on the internet believe theres doubt there was planes.. for some stupid unknown reason.. but mark me. i intend to find the answer to this no planes hoax. and when i do. i will blow it wide open on the internet ill register for a Journal at very VIP web sites and it will spread.. i am going to put a stop to this stupid no planes conspiracy. by the way i was there when it happend and i saw the planes hit those buildings.. along with every other witness in new york. the liars that spred this no planes crap..
the days of this compleat lie is numberd..

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