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uswgo 06-24-2010 04:32 PM

The pro Communist movements are using the Toxic Rain Fall to further their propaganda
Source: The pro Communist movements are using the Toxic Rain Fall to further their propaganda - USWGO Alternative News


Author: Brian D. Hill

My whole point in my article is stating that, yeah corporate greed is a problem but governments can also be greedy and that is a problem to. How does socialism end greed? It doesn't because it is just another political system and no matter what political system you have you will winners and losers but at least under open market capitalism you have the freedom to sell and buy without government intervention. Corporations are working with the government but Michael Moore doesn't see it that way instead he believes socialism will make us better according to Sicko. Now the pro communists are using the Toxic Rain Fall in Louisiana and Florida to support their agenda for governments making sure we all have the same stuff and cannot have any more then what the government will allow us to have.

The Pro socialists and communists are at it again at using the Toxic Rain Fall and blaming capitalism and using the BP corporate greed to further their socialist agenda to creating a world where everyone has the same money and no one has more money then others but what these pro communists and socialists do not understand is that there will still be a rich (Greedy rich) and a poor but no middle class.

The video of the Florida Toxic rain video in question I am talking about is embedded below:

Stream video from USWGO not supported for this area so link to youtube video is: YouTube - Is It Raining Oil in Florida? This Is Just The Beginning - Breaking News!!!

So your wondering how is this video promoting communism??? Well I'll explain it to you below:

At a certain frame I took snapshots to show you which parts sound like communist propaganda

The only reason this is happening is because this plan was established by the global bankers of the powerful and tiny elite. They desired and conspired to reward illegal immigrants with free social security money and rely on foreign unstable oil to start the collapse of the American economy. It is not capitalism at fault here it is the elite that has conspired to ruin the American economy and which they have succeeded. Also all Billionaires including Bill Gates, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and all other Billionaires (Including the executive of BP and whoever else there rakes in Billions of dollars) attend Bilderberg meetings and think of ways to enslave humanity and one of them is to convert our country into socialism, then into communism, and then into a direct worldwide dictatorship.

This is the what I was talking about in this whole article that he/she or multiple people now are wanting to demand that we have a Equal Money System but in order to successfully administer this system we need a communist government or a end to the Constitution. With the dangerous words this guy or multiple people is saying is that we need the government to baby us like little children, that we cannot be responsible for our actions that we can get away with anything unless the government is always there. To have a Equal Money System means the sacrifice of personal and financial freedoms. The fact that some people trust our entire government to manage our money and what we should get means they communist propaganda by the global elite is working. What these people don't realize is our Federal Government gave up our failing currency to the Federal Reserve which does pretty much whatever it wants and has no accountability whatsoever. Also our government has done a terrible job with the oil spill and Obama played golf while the spill kept getting worse so how can we trust a untrustworthy government with managing money and deciding whats fair for each family?

If we have a Equal Money System the government will have to step in and control what you can and cannot have ruining dreams of Millions of people and forcing everyone just to work, live, and be a slave then die as a slave.

So here they go again with this so called 'Equal Money System' that it will save us from the dirty hands of corporate greed but again corporate greed isn't the only forms of greed. Governments can get greedy too and they will have the power to hoard riches and material possessions. They say to stand up and declare we stop but if we put an end to our republic and the Constitution this will end our freedoms and liberties which many people are fighting for. What about those not in favor will they have to be murdered in a death camp or have tar and feathers painted on them? We are better off in a free republic and that the government stop meddling in business affairs because that is part of what started the oil spill in the first place. Yes I am blaming both BP and the Federal Government.

It makes me mad how they are using super rich corporate greed to try and end the middle class and further turn the people into peasants and the higher class into Noble groups of people that interbreed with one another because they don't want to be around poor peasants under the socialist Marxist regime.

Surely a world where everybody has the same amount of money sounds like a good dream to some but in reality the government would have to step in and tell us what kind of computers we are allowed to have, what kinds of computers we are allowed to have, and control what we put on them to make sure we aren't above everyone else in the community and same will go for all material possessions in the household. What this will do though is take away our private and personal rights and have the government not just inspect our homes but to also tell us what to do around the clock.

I understand why some wants to be for socialism and communism is that you want to get rid of corporate greed but communism and socialism won't end the greed and will instead make the government greedy and there will always be corporations no matter what government system you have. You have two kinds of greed, a lust for power, and a lust for money. While the corporations crave power and money so does the government and human history proves it that governments will become greedy for power, treasures, and money. Some societies that had greedy governments were the Vikings, Spain, Rome, Egypt, Iraq, China, and more. Throughout history governments have been well known to get greedy over riches and power and some kingdoms fall apart under tyrannical kings and so how will socialism prevent greed??? If you can give me a good answer then leave it in the comments below.

For me though I think it's better we have personal freedoms and rights because then we are not a slave and can make a choice but when government steps in and thinks we are getting too much money or material possessions then not only does it take away our personal freedoms but also controls our free will and will shatter peoples dreams and turn their realities into nightmares. That is why so many wanna flee from Cuba (some illegal and others legally immigrate to get away from Castro) even though it's a socialist nation which everyone including Michael Moore thinks is wonderful.

If Socialism and communism is so dear why did the protesters at Tienanmen Square in China get brutality murdered for only exercising free expression and distrust in their government. If communism and socialism is so great why does Cuba have two different type hospitals like one for the poor that's very filthy and unsanitary and the other one was the one Michael Moore filmed on Sicko with the nice looking hospital and the only reason Michael Moore and the 9/11 rescue workers got treated real well was to give good press about Fidel Castro being a good socialist leader and caring about the people. Michael Moore knew that when he crossed the border into Cuba their government had to know who he was and decided to fool Michael Moore into only seeing good things that never happen in Cuba and there is no doctor around every corner.

The communists and pro socialists are just using the Toxic Rain Fall and Oil spill as another way to fulfill the communist conversion Agenda. If some like communism so much why don't they move to China or North Korea? Maybe they are shills to try and convert us into communism under the excuse of stopping corporate greed.

The PRC (Peoples Republic of China) government has been variously described as communist and socialist, but also as authoritarian, with heavy restrictions remaining in many areas, most notably on the Internet, the press, freedom of assembly, reproductive rights, and freedom of religion.

Also while they tell everyone how wonderful having a Equal Money System is they fail to let free thinkers bring out comments they they think this idea wouldn't work because on their YouTube video if you make one comment they have to approve it so they can just reject your comment and they can control what comments are allowed so they are in favor of communist style financial systems while rejecting anyone's opinion against their ideologies .

So the fact they are also controlling comments double proves this youtube user is pro communist and his video getting many views may trigger the door opening to America becoming communism.
Just as Rahm Emmanuel says "You can never let a good cirses go to waste!" and right now the pro communist movements are spearheading any of capitalism using BP as an example to demonize capitalism in order to make more people in favor of communist type money systems. Political propaganda at it's best!

Remember if you want a equal money system you will have to sacrifice freedom and liberty and let the government baby you and treat you like a little misbehaving child.

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