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jrwild 07-22-2010 01:13 PM

But what is the time line?
I feel this is a question that relates to everyone. It is obvious by now that the plan is well under way and has been for 60 some years. I wonder what it means for us living in the present and the near future.
Will the eventual take-over of the NWO happen in a sudden sweep of shock and surprise? With FEMA camps being filled within months?
Or will it develope very slowly, as to where nobody really realizes what is going on?
This is something I just can't figure out, no matter how much I look at things. I do know this, people like Alex Jones and others are predicting another False Flag within a couple years. 9-11 didn't have the shocking effect that the NWO were hoping for. So now they have to turn it up a notch. That could be nuclear or Bio. I know that sounds pararnoid,,,, and I hope it is.
Any thoughts?

jane doe 07-23-2010 10:13 AM

Re: But what is the time line?
I think mankind is massacring the god imagined. And with a pendulum process of advancement, we will never advance. Only earth will survive. The way for humankind to survive is to re-adopt the method of seasons. Create, nurture, allow and let forward; create, nurture, allow and let forward.

Man was never kicked out of the garden. Mankind refused to see the garden was fence-free.

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