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Incogneto Jim 08-18-2010 11:47 PM

Hello friends!!
Hello everyone!

I just found this site a couple hours ago and decided to join. Ive been around the block a few times and have already gone through the whole process that most of us veteran old timers have gone through. I may only be 28 years old but Ive been well aware of things for most of my life. Im a bit cautious and perhaps weary of things after having spent a number of years on a popular conspiracy site that turned out to be owned by a branch of British intelligence and was being used to data mine its users.

I also joined a secret online forum of people some years ago that turned out to be a misguided group being lead by malevolent sources. Then of course there are all the other sites that have been taken over by the controlling powers in one way or another and have spies and spy ware technologies keeping tabs on us.

But anyways... lol.... I dont want to focus too much on all that right away. I was hoping to find other kindred spirits that might hold the higher light with me and together actually create something constructive together. Theres so much potential if only we can work together and gather our energies toward a progressive movement.

I live in Calgary Canada and would love to talk to someone about all of these kinds of things.


Incogneto Jim

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