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kerry 09-20-2010 06:43 PM

the earth shifted. proof
first there was a heat wave in russia
Heatwave in Russia : Image of the Day
at the same time there was a heat wave in canada
CBC News - Canada - Heat wave blankets Ontario, Quebec
with 80 degree temps well into the aryic circle
then there was winter in brazil
Elder Joshua Keith Powell ..... Manaus, Brazil: Winter in Brazil for Real!
with frozen palm trees lineing the roads. and a constant 90 to 95 degree temps in and around the new york area all states at that latatude..
when the heat wave hit theusa and winter in the summer hit brazil. the heat wave ended in russia. is the earth shifting or wobeling. science fact the earth does have a wobble. in another thread a while back i did say the moon is geting closer. which accounts for thise floods that sunk a island and new orleens. theres your 2012 right there. now you watch. in a year or two. when all the normal high and low tides become more high. and how many years after that i dont know there will be coastal flooding. about the moon? check it out at the right source and you will see im right. when you do that trick standing the egg on its end that time of year that lets you do it. soon it will stand on end and it wont fall down when you push it. give it a few years and you will see.

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