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uswgo 10-01-2010 10:07 PM

USWGO Founder asks Americans to protest the F.A.S.T Scanners
Source: USWGO Founder asks Americans to protest the F.A.S.T Scanners - USWGO Alternative News


Author: Brian D. Hill
The Founder of USWGO is asking all Americans to get ready to protest on October 5 2010 to November 5 2010 to send a message to Homeland Security that the F.A.S.T quick and mobile scanner set-ups for any public event is outrageous, unAmerican, unConstitutional, and these scanners will cause anything from cancer to DNA unwinding.
According to this first PSA and more may be coming as the protest is about to begin all over America at around October 5, Brian D. Hill the founder of USWGO is asking all Americans (including patriots, Veterans, disabled, and all of those who want to fight against cancer) that are against these scanners to protest them by any peaceful means including asking Politicians the same questions that are being asked by homeland security officials that implement the F.A.S.T Scanners including if any public official is attempting to smuggle a bomb into the capitol to show them how stupid their police state technology is.
Alex Jones exposed the light on these dreadful scanners with his article titled 'Feds Radiating Americans At Internal Checkpoints' on Prison Planet. This was the article that got Brian angry and ready to start up a massive nationwide protest plus special rules to make sure the entire protest remains peaceful.
So Brian D. Hill started a 40 second PSA and is planning more PSAs along the way plus putting out more fliers and truth cards all over Mayodan, especially after dispensing over 400 truth cards and over 60 fliers from his own printer Ink cartridges trying to bring more people to his website which was successful.

Hopefully more light can be brought to those scanners before all Americans are hearded in like sheep and cattle.
Brian has also had over 6 threats by his web host and is still in trouble but Brian is not letting the threats get to him and is still at the moment able to fight against the establishment.
The page to take action against the scanners are at USWGO Fast Scanner Protest (Future Attribute Screening Technology) - USWGO Alternative News

Also a link to the facebook event page of this massive nationwide protest is right here:Login | Facebook

Obama is getting more intense wanting to radiate us all then kill us under his universal ration health care program for everybody. Obama is looking more like Hitler all of the time. How can we stop the elite terrorist networks? We may need more then just information to defeat them in the war against the elite. If we don't stop them they will strip scan us and destroy our DNA.

We need to protest all politicians and public officials that endorse the F.A.S.T Scanners.

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