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simpletruths10 10-06-2010 06:25 AM

The Inslaw Affair and the PROMIS of a new America
Imagine for a moment that the United States hires a United States company to build for them a software program for the Justice Department. What is so special about this computer program? It is supposed to be able to cross reference different databases on different kinds of programs with tremendous speed.

So the little company builds the program for the government and delivers it to the Justice Department. Now imagine that once the government gets a hold of the program it decides to build a back door in the program in which a person can secretly go into any computer that has this program installed and view what is in the computer.

Now imagine that the United States government distributes this program to other countries around the world so that they can use it in their Justice departments. This will give the United States the ability to use the back door to secretly go into other government computers and look at the data that they have, especially concerning criminal matters.

The United States government decides to tell a few countries about the back door, but decides not to tell other countries about it.

Now imagine that after all this the little company is expecting payment for the work they did for the government but after some time the government reneges on its deal and refuses to pay for the software.

Now imagine that a person does research/reporting into all of this and ends up dead. Also the guy that the government secretly hired decides to come out and tell the truth about what he did, installing the secret back door to the program.

When this person does this he is threatened by the government. So he decides to sign an affidavit for the little company stating that he did what he did. But before that happens, alleged trumped up drug charges are brought up against him and he is currently sitting in a prison.

There is little light at the end of the tunnel. The little software company wins a court case in which a judge rules that the government did in fact steal the software, but the judge’s ruling may have cost him the next election.

Sounds like a spy novel. Something like it is reality. Check out the references.
A video about the Inslaw affair

A video about the dead researcher/reporter
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