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NoOne000 10-07-2010 03:57 PM

Whistleblower's Warning
A friend of mine who is a technophobe especially where computers are concerned asked me to post this for him.

American citizens who believe they are doing their civic or patriotic duty by giving unsolicited information to the police or any law enforcement agency should be forewarned that many law enforcement agencies or officers often see such persons as criminals or suspected criminals themselves. As such the patriotic or civic minded citizen who does so may be subjected to surveillance, possible harassment, or even life-threatening situations, not only by the criminals or wrong-doers on whom one informs. But by the very law enforcement agencies such persons trust.
On June 28, 1971 a man died in Pomona city jail who might have lived, but police would not allow anyone to help him. I was removed from the holding cell and put in isolation because I tried to help him. Others had also tried.
I have no specific evidence that this man was a former police informant, but it is rumored that some police departments prefer to eliminate an informant who is no longer of any use to them.
Future installments of “Whistleblower's Warning” may help to clarify.
Obviously this man was not a major criminal as he would not have been in the misdemeanor holding tank.
The next morning I stepped over his body and a police officer said, “There's your friend.” Human life meant nothing to police in Pomona, California.
There may not be any visible record of this man's death since the police control such records.
In no way is this meant to condone non-cooperation with law enforcement.

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