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uswgo 10-14-2010 09:17 PM

The reality in pictures of homeless rising in America

Author: Brian D. Hill

As I went all across the country (That trip was September 7 to 31 2010) I saw the reality of our broken economy that some areas out west scared me. I got pictures, video, and even witnessed some of the economic struggle for myself. Now I can say myself that I am a witness that things are getting worse for the economy.

At Las Vegas I saw a teenage child stranded in Las Vegas, I also saw many illegally selling bottled water on walkway areas to usher in more personal incomes, and the Casinos as always have people that are trying to win lots of money.

At St Louis I saw many abandoned buildings and learned from two pretty young guys (one was a guitar player) that told me that you can get killed at the St Louis fountain due to high crime rates, at Salt Lake City Utah I saw a good amount of homeless people (Some with health problems) that I vowed to take pictures of some of them to expose the reality we are all facing with the broken economy. Even at Salt lake City Walmart in Utah (I don't have a photo because taking pictures inside Walmart might attract negative attention from Security) I saw a homeless guy bringing in a cart with a backpack filled with stuff to order prescriptions. It is disturbing how many homeless were in one area.

It even gets worse. I overheard at a Walmart (I can't remember the exact location at the moment) of foreign guys joking about bombs and then laughing as if our country had become a laughing stock around the world. Even at almost every National Park except for Mount Rushmore, had mostly foreigners and non-English speaking people and barely any average Americans. It concerned me how many foreigners I see at National Parks and barely any Americans because it means that our dollar must be very low for foreigners to easily afford high price park fees while hardly seeing any Americans paying to go into National Parks.

I know that the disabled and elderly can have free passes into all National Parks so why does it seem like pretty much around 90% of National Park visitors were foreigners that don't even speak English or know much about our customs.

The American economy is falling apart while we are in debt with foreign countries such as Communist China.
The rest can be viewed here:

The reality in pictures we can't ignore anymore of Homeless people on the rise - USWGO Alternative News

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