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quelquechosedautre 11-04-2010 03:48 PM

9th Nov 2010 - Nuke False Flag Attack At LAX?
The President of Iran said in the Summer that her expected to be attacked by the end of October and now that he has loaded up his reactor with its rods, it would be political suicide for anyone in the Israeli Governemtn not to call for an attack, so could a false flag event be on the way to justify it?

The Simpson's has often been "on the money" in indicating future false flag events.

There is now concern that they have indicated one with a clock crashing down beside Homer with the hands on 6 and 11.

If there are Illuminatti and they do use numerology then their actions can be predicted. The last 911 was heavily associated with the number 11. Maybe the numbers are upside down to indicate that some things are to be in reverse, namely that it will occur on 11/9, be on the west coast not the east and be associated with 9 instead.

I conclude that if the target is being indicated here that it will be LAX:-

- The Zip Code of LAX is 90009
- The phone zone of 909 is in LA
- All the approach roads to LA add to 9
- The LAX phone number adds to 9
- The lattitude adds to 9
- LAX is famous for its domed restaurant which was designed by Peirera who also designed the Bank of America pyramid building.
- The man reads "5, 4 no time for a full count down" just be fore the explosion. 54 is the name of the highway to LAX and the name of the USA's smallest nuke.

The Webbot project also concurs with the possiblity of a major event on 8/9 November that will be 1000 times bigger than 911 and this is entirely separate from all the other mystics like Baba Vanga and also a famous Zulu seer who have made similar predictions.

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