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BlueAngel 01-26-2011 10:23 PM

Social Security to be Empty by 2037!
I love how this article refers to social security as a program.

A program!

You're kidding, right?

I didn't pay into a program from the moment I started working.

I gave a percentage of my hard earned dollars to the government and trusted them with my money so that when it was time for me to retire, a percentage of the money that I gave them would be available to me in my golden years.

I worked long and hard ALL OF MY LIFE and paid a portion of my salary into this fund so that I could be assured of a monetary income when I retired and, now, you're telling me that the government squandered my investment and, when I retire, all of the money I gave to social security will not be there.

So, basically, the government robbed me.


Did OBAMA address the social security bankruptcy during his SOTU address?

Probably not cause he's certain that the FED will bail us out.

Social Security fund now seen to be empty by 2037 - Yahoo! News

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