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Barbara 09-17-2005 09:33 PM

ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture
The ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture
Dick Eastman
09/16/2005 10:19:17

One gets the impression that these characters would love to set themselves up as world dictators on politically correct speech, and censor any speech which challenges their sacred cows. Clearly none of them have read and understood such American founding visionaries as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Authoritarians with this personality profile are a familiar feature in all totalitarian regimes -- they would have felt quite at home in the old Soviet bureaucracy. Let's hope that freedom-loving Americans eventually suggest that they might be happier in another political system, one which is too feeble to withstand the rigors of open debate.

Have you noticed that, without exception, the persons who are most obsessed with censoring hate speech are intellectual mediocrities, without a shred of creative talent? Smart people, well-educated people, are not afraid of free speech. These people are scared to death of an honest debate on any subject which pushes their emotional buttons. The only way they can handle a debate is to muzzle their debating opponent.

U.S. House Briefed on International Cooperation on Internet Hate

Washington, DC, Continuing to further efforts on international cooperation regarding online hate stemming from the OSCE Conference on Hate on the Internet in Paris in June 2004, ADL experts addressed a packed room on Capitol Hill to discuss how governments, industry and advocates could partner to curb online hate. The session was sponsored by the Congressional Task Force Against Anti-Semitism and co-hosted by ADL and the French Embassy.

The meeting began with remarks from Task Force Co-Chairs Reps. Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL). Ambassador Jean David Levitte of France and Ambassador Samuel Zbogar of Slovenia discussed the ongoing efforts by France and OSCE nations to combat Internet hate and foster international cooperation. Slovenia currently chairs the OSCE.

Panelists included Christopher Wolf, Chair of ADL's Internet Task Force and Partner, Proskauer Rose, who spoke about the complex legal issues surrounding bigotry online; Markham Erickson, General Counsel for NetCoalition, who discussed the Internet industry's responses and continued commitment to enforcing their already-existing usage policies for users regarding online hatred; and Brian Marcus, ADL Director of Internet Monitoring gave a multi-media presentation that highlighted many examples of hate materials from around the world.

"We all know and appreciate that the Internet has transformed the ways in which we communicate, educate, inform and entertain. But there is a dark side to the Internet," Mr. Wolf testified. "Terrorists, anti-Semites, racists, homophobes and other haters have logged on and are online. ... Unfortunately, the Internet has become the new frontier in spreading hate."

Mr. Wolf offered recommendations for coordinating an international response to online hate, including:

Better international cooperation and coordination of monitoring the use of the Internet for hateful and terroristic purposes.
Studies on the ways in which vulnerable people, especially children, become exposed to hate sites and content, and the ways in which such content affects that audience.
An examination of the link between hate speech and hate crimes.
Annual reports should be prepared on the "State of Hate on the Internet" setting forth trends and describing where there has been progress in fighting such hate.
Panelists discussed the ongoing efforts to coordinate the fight against online hate, and agreed that government, industry and nongovernmental organizations need to work together even in vastly different frameworks. International differences can be bridged, and all players can agree on a common set of principals regarding hate online that respect the differences, but still seek to expose hate, get industry to act on sites that violate their terms of service and to educate parents, educators and kids about what to do when they encounter hate online.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of RINF.COM: Underground Gateway

Thumper 09-17-2005 09:34 PM

Re: ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture
i hate these guys

Barbara 09-21-2005 03:54 PM

Re: ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture
And I always enjoy your posts, you are obviously a man of few words but that just says you know what you want to say and you SAY IT!

And, BTW, I second that emotion!


freeman 09-21-2005 04:11 PM

Re: ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture
Like the "Anti-Hate Bill" currently going through Congress, I look for all of this hate censorhsip to make it even tougher for people like us to get our message across to the mainstream.
Collectively it will have a major impact, but one on one, I doubt that much will change. Such legislation cannot withstand legitimate constitutional challenges, so I would expect a fairly obtuse approach to enforcement. For instance, I doubt whether The Man would run the risk of taking on someone really eloquent and well-informed like Alex Jones, Dr. Henry or Eustace Mullins for fear that it might backfire. After all, they couldn't silence Exra Pound; he eventually retaliated with a vengeance and did some real damage to the NWO movement. But it makes a great excuse for the lamestream media to continue to ignore any pertinent facts arising from the underground -- they can write it all off as "hate rhetoric of the disenchanted". (Like the ABC reporter who sloughed off the poor black New Orleans residents who witnessed the explosion of the levee.)
What it will accomplish, however, is to increase the isolation and alienation that we are already confronted with in terms of getting the message out.
And that is a real setback.

nomad 09-21-2005 05:17 PM

Re: ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture
Isn't hating the "haters" a hate crime in itself ?

freeman 09-21-2005 06:58 PM

Re: ADL Assault on Free Speech and Libertarian Internet Culture

Isn't hating the "haters" a hate crime in itself ?
Actually, I had that same thought myself, nomad...then I had to take a couple of Tylenol.
This is just more of their Hegelian confusion tactics.

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