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Kon Foundas 02-12-2011 06:05 PM

The Limitations of Knowledge and Belief: A Filtered Experience
How much of what really goes on in the world around us do we really understand? Science will tell us that, for example, all metals expand when heated. So if it's a metal it will expand under certain conditions. We can 'understand' the make-up of atoms and their interactions (although atoms/quarks/electrons at a quantum level are an enigma, are very different to large, macroscopic objects and events, and are very unpredictable).

But Science is itself, to a large extent, a construct of information gathered by perceiving (seeing, hearing etc) the outside world with the limitations of directly experiencing a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We know other electromagnetic waves exist (from gamma rays to long AM radio waves, and our colour experience is only a small part of this electromagnetic relation/spectrum). Most of what can be experienced in Science and reality is indirectly gathered via the 'detection' of matter, events etc, by certain types of machinery that can 'detect' what we can't directly see, hear etc or even understand and there doesn't seem to be a predictable relationship or parallel between the micro and macro world. The science community, at large, has factored this in to their credo but have managed to see this as an insignificant or a non influencing anomaly.

Most people (scientist included) will go through their day seeking answers and, perhaps at the end of the day, will be to some extent satisfied with their results. The macro picture is always easier to understand, for a science enthusiast, an 'ordinary' person trying to, for example, figure out why her favorite team lost, etc etc. But the mysterious micro and ultra-micro world (universe etc) will forever be difficult to explain, predict and understand as we are ultimately filtering what we 'see' and experience. An animal with a make-believe intelligence like or far greater than ours, that can only 'see' things in infra red (higher up on the electromagnetic spectrum) would form a different belief system of what is 'really' out there.

Dark energy that we suspect exists, based on numerous data points and mathematical predictions can't be perceived by us and cannot be detected by even the highest sensitive and 'accurate' machinery (for now, I guess). If it is there then what influence might this have on the world around us? Could the dynamics of normal energy and dark energy have a net influence on everyday objects (us included)? We may never know for sure because of the inherent limitations placed on knowledge or the formation of knowledge. But that's not to say it never will.

The electron and its (unpredictable) 'behavior' in quantum physics and the 'real' world should act as a reminder that an unknown microscopic event will inherently mean predictability in the macro (sum or its parts) world can often be a misleading. It may appear to be obvious but there could be hidden (undetectable) dynamics at play.

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