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cherry 02-27-2011 09:45 AM

Probably Bank of Japan Is behind Terrorism
Probably Bank of Japan Is behind Terrorism

Japan's Conspiracy (1) P5

Now we are opening our eyes to the awful reality of our society.

It is obvious that some governors of the Bank of Japan have had something to do with disasters and terrorism.

I have investigated the reason why the central bank has been involved in such evil conspiracies.

And I have finally come to the conclusion.

Disasters and terrorism bring humongous amount of profit to the central bank.

Through disasters, a lot of bank notes are lost. And to make matters worse, bank notes are never reissued different from bank deposits, bonds and so on. And bank notes are always the "certificates of the debts of the central bank". And through disasters, humongous amount of the debts are lost. And as the result, the central bank always makes a humongous profit through disasters in the end.

People are now waking up.

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