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cherry 03-14-2011 09:22 AM

Evil Tsunami-Disaster-Watching-Tours in Japan
Evil Tsunami-Disaster-Watching-Tours in Japan

Earthquakes and tsunami victims are exhausted.

But Japanese in other areas are also depressed.

They are depressed not only with the cruel news and videos but also with evil tourists.

Japanese TV news show some disgusting videos.

Some videos are bus-tour videos which were filmed on the previous day of the tsunami and on the day of the tsunami.

But the tour guide was obviously talked about tsunami too much though no one should have predicted the disasters.

And after the tsunami disaster, the tourists went back to the devastated area again.

However, they only got excited and took pictures without trying to rescue any of the victims.

I believe that they are the ruling group of the Japanese society.

I believe that they are the Tokugawa clan.

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cherry 11-04-2016 07:51 AM

Re: Evil Tsunami-Disaster-Watching-Tours in Japan
Now It Is Highly Probable That News In Japan Are All Fake

In for a penny,in for a pound.

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