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The-things-I-have-seen 03-15-2011 04:56 AM

Who suppressed this?
Real Animal League

I was an aid to a top MP 2001– 2006. Events unfolded in 2005 which received little to no media coverage. In October 2005 a group of militant animal rights activists took the law into their own hands and kidnapped five hunters on the Isle of Mull. They were stripped and chased across the hill by men with rifles who took shots at them. When they caught them they made the hunters read confessions of their “crimes” the whole thing was videoed.

This was mere month after the hunting ban came into force I truly believe that all reference to this was obstructed by the government. Documentation we had mysteriously disappeared as did reports held in Bunessan Police Station.

I asked my MP about this who told me that the whole think was a hoax and I was told to forget it. She then went on to say (admittedly in a joking way) that I would lose my job if I didn’t. I did not leave it there; I know complaints had been made to the police and they were taking it very seriously I started asking around. This is when thing started to become very strange, I received very weird and abusive phone calls late at night sometimes at 2:00 or 3:00am. Police helicopters started hovering over my house regularly.

The Real Animal Leagues website vanished and all traces of the video went with it. I have since left my job and am very happy away from all this. I can't really speculate as to what was going on but I have a inkling that to prevent let’s say, “rocking of the boat “ over the 2004 hunting ban. I believe I witnessed firsthand how are government really operates.

This has been bothering me now for ten years. I have only recently started looking on sites like this. But I have to say alot of the theories I have read are very plausable the words New World Order where often used in the office at Westminster when I worked there.

neopythagorean 09-16-2011 10:49 AM

Re: Who suppressed this?
Thanks for posting this. It truly is very bizarre. I'm afraid that I know very little about the UK hunting ban (though i will research it ASAP) and so this type of cover-up indeed seems odd. I really wonder about the possible motivations involved here. Hopefully it will become a bit more clear as I research the hunting ban.

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