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marypopinz 02-10-2005 11:43 AM

From cradle to grave
Found this response letter tidbit on Henry's site and really like it. Thought I'd share with my fellow conspiracy nutters.

"From cradle to grave, Henry!! That is their motto.
We are brainwashed from cradle to grave and,
therefore, our reality is what they have created for
us. ...
We have not been taught to "reserve judgment." We
have been conditioned to JUDGE!!

God does not approve."

Best to keep an open mind and reserve judgement - that does not mean ignore reality and the truth. Discernment is key!

Mary XXX

DarkChilde3D 02-17-2005 02:20 AM

Re: From cradle to grave
I love this post . . . I've said this quite a few times, albiet not these exact words.

And I say it every time a certain person tells me I'm going to hell for not being Muslim.

Thank you for this, Mary.

marypopinz 02-17-2005 06:39 AM

Re: From cradle to grave
My pleasure,

And thank dude who wrote it, not me. It just rang so true with me I had to post it. I read it today and still it sends shivers up my back cuz it is so scary and so true.

N.B. Hogwart's Henry! It's all in the advertising regarding the Harry Potter Books and the school of magic called Hogwart's.... deep breath in. Guess what was on my son's valentine's day card from school???

A big owl on one side.?.

And good ol' Harry Potter wishing a "Very MAGICAL Valentine's day".

DC, it is all in the advertising, what we are taught to believe, from cradle to grave, is it not? In this premise, I believe strongly that more people should open their minds. Please correct me if I am wrong. Folks are more brainwashed than they would care to know, myself included.

They are so clever at what they do and the psychology they use to get into people's heads. It is so completely wrong.

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