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im not scared of dying 04-10-2011 10:43 AM

i know everything about the new world order worth knowing, i found this site by typing in david icke is a complete cunt inside google search. some of the comments made in that thread were on a level of genius. and i felt compel to sign up and speek with such great minds about the only topic worth discussing under the SUN.

they love there suns bitch.

peace too all , unless you are

a beliver in ailens,

think any one on the radio or tv is worth listening too (accept rare occasions)

want to discuss anything supporting reptile shapeshifting ailens from .............. i dont know either they keep changing that part, each time we discover there is fuck all there.

any way i like to jump into things so hey ho how do you do , i would give you a masonic hand shake but obviously no suiting emotiocons , sort it out mods , im sure there must be some adobe headz in the house, we should be taking the right piss out of these pants sniffing cunts. i wanna see smashed up pyramids, broken compass and squares. the handshakes done in the wrong way.

love the website theme though amazing , whoever made this site is on the level.

much love god bless

x bible burner turned threat to the establishment.

aka John


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