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Sean Turtledove 04-27-2011 05:08 PM

Books NOT to read
I pray that this message does not reach deaf ears!

There are two newly created books that are affecting children right now. The first is called "Billy & Howard" and can be downloaded, for free, at and the second, "Duumvirate", can be downloaded at again for free.

Normally I would never even email this to anyone, but I first found out about this book from a friend. Her **__fifteen year old__** daughter had been reading it. When the mother asked the daughter to stop reading, she laughed in her mother's face and told her that she'd already finished it and given it to all her friends! This was a girl who had NEVER disrespected her mother that way before. The First Amendment provides for freedom of speech but I have never seen anything this evil given to children before. There are many examples of Satanic influence in the book. The first paragraph openly says that "Christianity is dead", our Lord is mocked constantly. The plot is one in which the characters literally control the world through Satanic means, laughing all the while.

The author, Slicer (and who knows his real name) takes the preteen characters (and by extension the reader) into a world of his own making, where children are all-powerful and adults are worse than useless. The second book is more or less a how-to manual for aspiring Satanist world controllers. He makes it freely available for anyone to read.

PLEASE warn your readership of this Satanic book before their children are exposed to it!

And please pray that this affects no more children at all!

Yours in Christ,

Sean Turtledove

zombieman 05-16-2011 07:41 AM

Re: Books NOT to read
to be honest with you this post just wants me to read the two books.

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