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MasterDruid 05-12-2011 07:32 AM

Was the Great Pyramid really a tomb?
[color="White"]Or could it have been a temple in which ancient knowledge was passed from one grand hierophant to another? Why were there no paintings or hieroglyphs to celebrate King Cheops life? Why was the coffin so blasť and crudely constructed when every other pharaoh’s was well adorned. It was the Greatest Pyramid after all.

Maybe it was a temple to initiate priests and philosophers into the ancient mystery schools? Here’s an interesting theory on the pyramid being a temple and not a tomb:

Whatisthetruth 05-12-2011 09:58 AM

Re: Was the Great Pyramid really a tomb?
I read or watched something about how pyramids have great acoustics and if you lay in the (coffins?) or whatever you can all kinds of stuff like air movements in the pyramid or something along those lines, I know how weak a statement that was. But long story short (if your willing to entertain such ideas) they summised somewhere that if it was built under the supervision of some higher species it could have been used for things to do with sound outside our understanding. Was interesting anyway

sky 09-08-2011 10:52 AM

Re: Was the Great Pyramid really a tomb?
No funerary evidence has ever been found there, and there is overwhelming evidence that the Egyptian civilization was heir to an even more ancient society. This view is rejected by mainstream archaologists for the simple reason that the implications would blow a real hole in most all accepted scientific theory of civilization and prehistoric timelines, and much would have to be rewritten and reassessed. Not many professional academics care to face the idea that all the Facts they've spent their lives (and fortunes in tuition) in acceptance of need some real overhauling.

The best explanation for the pyramids (and the entire Giza landscape, in fact) is that it was both an observatory and a precisely engineered reflection of the constellations of prime importance in the Egyptian cosmology.

There are almost certainly far more monuments buried in the region, and all of it together might well have some extremely important information for the future.

For excellent (and very readable) books on the subject, look for Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Anthony West.

Erasmus01 09-13-2011 01:49 AM

Re: Was the Great Pyramid really a tomb?
Was there room in the Great Pyramid for rituals and ceremonies involving a number of people?

sky 09-13-2011 10:56 AM

Re: Was the Great Pyramid really a tomb?
Not really, no. The space consists of just a couple of very small chambers connected by narrow shafts-- for celestial observation and for initiation to the mysteries.

A really stunning theory of the sort of "ritual" that may have been conducted there is given by Hancock and Bauval in "Message of the Sphinx"

The idea is that the entire Giza landscape was developed as a mirror image of the celestial sphere at the "first time" a/k/a "Zep Tepi," which appears to have been some 10,500 years ago!!! The later rituals were designed for the pharaoh himself- no other. The purpose was to initiate himself in the deeper mysteries of the cosmos and history by making an arduous pilgrimage of sorts, and facing the depths of the true initiate. The aim of true gnosis.

I've never actually been to Egypt myself (and if it weren't so damned dangerous these days, I'd love to go.) Perhaps some day, provided the bastards of this world don't destroy it all first.

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