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Sentrynox 06-14-2011 07:58 PM

Operation Matrix Walker; NWO Black Ops


The project began in 2008. It was planned to transfer (by direct mind to bits translation link (using mind reading Japanese technologies) 80% of human body and mind abilities into the Net. As to act as a new cyber warfare weapon. The initiators of that program knew full well, that a Human mind couldn’t be hacked. So by introducing a Human into the Net, he would become an invincible weapon of mass dissimination and chaos!

The project is financed by DARPA with a budget enveloppe of 30 billion USD. It is believed that the project was completed last July (2010) and testing’s completed earlier this year.

The aim of the program is to connect Human body and Mind into the internet so that it can act as an autonomous program capable of hacking into any systems without being compromised and detected.

Project Goals:

1-The first phase of the program is to create a wave of infiltrations in networking sites to spread unrest in totalitarian states and insufflate a revolution wind blowing for democracies (plutocracies) so allowing multinationals corporations to gain control of those countries resources (read oil).

2-Using a civilian alias (maybe under Lulz) "it" will hack into critical Web sites (Banks, governments, medias, entertainments and military) in the western world, to justify the use of coercisive actions by the governments to rein on the Internet (hackings) and introduce structural regulations. By that time, the Internet would no longer be free of government controls (read a global internet taxation).


To prepare the grounds for a New World Order dominated by “democracies” that are in turn, controlled by Economic Czars. The plan was carefully craft by democracies to overthrow the remaining totalitarian regimes from Middle East to gain controls of their oil resources, which, after the oil peak, reach last year, are deemed to increase in value tremendously (strategically and in $). But in turn, the US, responsible for the program, is controlled by the numerous Economic Czars (Wall Street Bankers and corporations and some other families).

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