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Barbara 09-26-2005 05:47 PM

The Nazi Bush Regime
The Nazi Bush Regime
By Ted Lang

For those that have always immaturely and naively offered, "It can't happen here," are you now onboard? Can you finally see that the United States of America is no more? Can you finally see that the suspension of habeas corpus, Miranda rights, trial by jury, judge-obtained warrants for arrests and property searches based upon probable cause, one phone call to your lawyer, the right to consult a lawyer, double jeopardy, and Fifth Amendment protections against torture [self-incrimination] are now ALL GONE?! Don't tell me you still cannot grasp this!

If you can't, then stop listening and watching O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and the rest of the Bush regime's Nazi propagandists. Are you seriously just going to sit around and do nothing, and ignore the warnings attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller

Limbaugh wants you to wait until there is physical proof of such intent by Bush and his Nazis. His famous put down of the enlightened is: "Have you lost any freedoms yet?" But is this a wise approach when dealing with the State? Since when, and at what point in the entire history of mankind, has the State ever voluntarily restrained itself after continuously expanding its authority and power? Just give me one example! Limbaugh wants you to wait until your father, or your brother, or your uncle, is carried out kicking and screaming after that dreaded "midnight knock." "Okay then," he will say, "perhaps now you should be concerned!" Why would you want to wait that long - wouldn't it be a tad too late?

Remember, this nation was founded on revulsion for, and a hefty resistance to, the power and authority of the State - that's how our nation began its short journey. And of course, it is this analogy that compares the Iraqi resistance by the Limbaugh-O'Reilly denigration that these warfighters forcibly trying to repel invasion by a foreign State are "insurgents" and not "freedom fighters." That's a bald-faced Nazi propagandist lie of precisely the same magnitude as Hitler's, when the latter lied to the German people telling them that Poland attacked first.

When Cindy Sheehan and Phil Donahue say these truths to Bush Nazi propagandists, they really become unglued. They can't handle the truth, because they refuse to believe what confronts all their senses forging their selective ignorance founded on political party loyalty and their loyalty to a particular man. How does their love for Bush differ from the German people's former love for Hitler? Bush is Amerika's savior, and the Nazi propagandists love and adore him, because what other choice is there - to recognize the truth?

Norman Livergood has laid out how the American Nazis have risen to power, providing a blow-by-blow comparison of the strikingly similar political events between Hitler and Bush. The comparisons made cannot be refuted. But considering the much more rapid pace of the Bush Nazification of America compared to Hitler's in Germany, it now adds a hefty and seriously plausible explanation for 9-11: without the horror of 9-11, the astonishing rapidity of the Nazi Bush ascension would never have been possible.

Considering the media blackout as regards both the Downing Street Memo, the latter proving that Bush manufactured intelligence to invade Iraq to steal their oil and serve the imperial interests of Israel, as well as their current blackout of the antiwar demonstrations in Washington, Los Angeles, London and elsewhere, Americans would be well advised to be very afraid of the criminals now in charge and in control of American government and their propaganda media. Waiting for Limbaugh's "midnight knock" can no longer be an option.

America is now officially and legally a Nazi dictatorship. I saw it coming quite a while ago, and even back then , so-called "conservatives," now technically identified as "neo-conservatives," attacked and refuted the prescience that recognized their arrival. Congressman John Conyers tried to launch an investigation into the complete facts of the Downing Street Memos - his panel was relegated to a basement and then smeared as "anti-Semitic," the latter terminating totally Conyers, investigation.

So what does the Democratic Congressman do? He initiates "hate crimes" legislation, which passes the House and will forever protect Israeli spying, covert controlled demolition of our buildings, and the continued massacre of American citizens by Israel's Mossad! Clearly, after "hate crimes" is rammed through to protect all criticism of the Bush regime, the FBI will begin targeting the Internet as fiercely advocated by Hillary and O'Reilly.

Cindy Sheehan has given life and energy to the antiwar/anti-Nazi movement in America. It's time for those interested in the survival of America and its return to protecting individual freedom and freedom of enterprise to reject the term "neo-conservatism," and to replace it with the appropriate term which now best describes our nation's government: "Nazi."

© 2005 All Rights Reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.

freeman 09-26-2005 05:59 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

It's time for those interested in the survival of America and its return to protecting individual freedom and freedom of enterprise to reject the term "neo-conservatism," and to replace it with the appropriate term which now best describes our nation's government: "Nazi."
Oh boy, Barabara, are you ever going to hear it from TB on that one... :-o

09-26-2005 06:21 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
In Germany, under Hitler, a Nazi was a member of the "fascist" party.

We, in America, are under control of a "fascist" government similar to Germany's Nazi party.


A system of government characterized by dictatorship, belligerent nationalism and racism, militarism, etc. first instituted in Italy (1922-43)


designating or of a government in which one political group maintains complete control especially under a dictator.

truebeliever 09-26-2005 07:19 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
I understand that Bush and Co have been labelled "Fascist". They look it on the surface. I even did a video montage about it. But the black uniforms are about it.

If you will note...Italy and Germany ACTUALLY looked after it's people. Where is Bush's nationalism?

Fascism is about the efficient to and fro of ideas and shared goals between the business world and the State which flows into an efficient to and fro between the people and those institutions. Can anyone please point me to this phenomena in the U.S?

Japan best suits the truly "fascist" model. Though it's loyalty flows through strong family bonds which I have been told make it a little different.

With regards the U.S am reminded of Stalins thuggery far more than any fascist dictators.

I think "Organised Crime" is a far better term to describe the Bush administration. Tony Soprano comes to mind.

It's goals are the destruction of the economic and social fabric of the U.S comrades. But not to worry, Hillary will look after you. And those power suits! Grrrrrrrr...

09-26-2005 07:51 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
I think the Bush's are an "organized crime family," but wouldn't you have to agree that no matter which way you slice or dice it, it comes down to a dictatorship, whether fascist or totalitarian.

Nazi just being the party members of Hitler's fascist regime.

The Mosad fits in here somewhere very nicely, I would think, together with the Mafia and the CIA.

All "organized crime."

Barbara 09-26-2005 08:08 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
Truebeliever, that does it, I think I'm in love. You are a man after my very own heart. :lol: I love semantics, too; they are the base of every good debate! (Freeman, see you at another site for another round tomorrow, got to share my laptop tonight.)

TB, first of all, you know everybody and his brother just LOVES to bash Germany because of Hitler and in turn, Nazis. Guess the writer of the article thought that was the worst thing he could call Bush & Co. or liken them unto.

My dog-eared old dictionary reads as follows:

Fascism: A totalitarian governmental system led by a dictator and emphasizing an agressive nationalism and often racism.

Bush said a dictatorship was alright as long as he was the dictator.

Don't know if his drive to Empire could be called nationalism or not.

Racism as practiced by Bush and Co. doesn't have to do much with race, color or creed, they just hate po' folks, which means I am HIGHLY descriminated against! :-?

Having said all that, you're right in maintaining that they also make good Communists. I read somewhere that 'COMMUNISM IS SOCIALISM WITH A GUN" but I'm not sure that's entirely right. Under Communism, only those who weren't part of the ruling elite shared and all they shared was abject poverty. Sooooooo

Here I am on your side of the fence! They ARE criminals and they surely are organized, so your Organized Crime is the only nom de guerre that fits them totally.

Now if we can get some of those pesky writers of articles to see things our way.........

OK, the mention of Hillary is enough to get me away from the keyboard, gotta go find a barf-bag, :-?

truebeliever 09-26-2005 08:22 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
Perhaps then "Agent Provocature"?

In the end he and his ilk are the 5th column designed to usher in a "benvolent socialist State".

It will be VERY benevolent as long as you go along. And then they will use "hate crime" laws, "psychiatric" care, "cunning propaganda (not ridiculous Fox baiting)" and then outright intimidation. Till finally you will go along or NO Multi Pass Credits for you Dear Comrade and no food! etc...

I still prefer organised crime.

cfire1 09-26-2005 09:09 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
Why is the NWO trying to set the Bush regime as a Nazi Regime?

Are we to be the bad guys of the next World Wars?

Is the plan to destroy the US?

To have a world goverment, does the NWO need to destroy the worlds biggest super power??

09-26-2005 09:21 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

cfire1 wrote:
Why is the NWO trying to set the Bush regime as a Nazi Regime?

Are we to be the bad guys of the next World Wars?

Is the plan to destroy the US?

To have a world goverment, does the NWO need to destroy the worlds biggest super power??
Yes, the plan is to destroy the US. To turn us into a Third World Country.

We will need help and the UN will step in!!

We are know longer looked upon by the world as a Superpower.

Bush has made certain of that.

Israel will be the headquarters of the NWO.

truebeliever 09-26-2005 10:17 PM

Re: The Nazi Bush Regime
Once enough chaos ensures we will see the benevolent "dictatorship of reason" step in...with Dear "Hillary" at the helm. Hated or not, that is the plan, just as they have not given up on Arnie yet. Perhaps it will be Angelina Jolle with Brad as "First Gentleman" under U.N control?

I have no exact knowledge of the time frame but once the U.S population is brought to heel then "Imperial Mobilization" will begin in earnest, using the cannon fodder now willing to join up to "eat".

To ensure complience, both the "carrot" and the "stick" will be used...roll out the goodies from those warehouses - Nuclear Fusion - Hydrogen Powered Cars - forget 'free energy' though. They're not about to give that one up.

The releived peasants will no doubt fall for it...especially when you get to feed your family and live reasonably well.

Refer to Thomas Barnett and his presentation "The Pentagons New Map" where he specifies an iron fist to break up countries unwilling to enter into the new age of "reason" and the Globalist agenda. A second force he calls "Sys Admin" steps in to ensure "stability" and enforcement of what Barnett calls the new "rule set". Rule Sets that are tailored to the needs of the Globalist business agenda...or basically, the theiving of raw materials by the same colonial masters that began it 200+ years ago.

Before this can happen the U.S peasantry must be brought to heel and religion "exposed" as corrupt and dangerous. That is the Global Village Idiot Bush's job.

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