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Ban Freekmasons 07-30-2011 11:48 AM

Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised
Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised. I am Elijah..... Here comes the Bride (part two)

So you don't believe I am the spirit of Elijah and that I'm here to fight false gods Baal (pronounced bail or bayle) and his "Eastern Star" whore Asherah. More important, I am here to announce the arrival of Jesus Christ. All Christians and good people can start to celebrate as the Pharisee (or Puppet) Masons (PMs) are now "Tumbling Down" as promised. I worship (weekly) our Father Jehovah (aka Yahweh) from inside the shape of a Pyramid. The Bible says all evil will be shown to you. Remember that all false gods have the same power as the middle of a doughnut, i.e. nothing. Elite masons worship money and use puppets to get it.

False god Baal..... I had a recent 7 year pretend friend called Mr Baillie (PM) from CraigASH, now Balvie (all manipulated, he's just a puppet). I done a house exchange with a PM who originated from Balvie Rd (Baal). I could give you lots more but start with the Bali bombing sacrifice. I already told you about Alba and anything Bal. I've had psych games/theatre from local PM family with black Lab (Bal) called Baillie. Can you see how satan's tempted work? God Jehovah sends me to St. Luke's every Sunday since the 1st May (important pagan date) and it sits on top of Balvie Rd (smile). Inside, the roof is the shape of a pagan pyramid. Jehovah is perfect. I just don't want to make any mistakes as I wrestle with satan and his tempted. Switch off lucifer's media (including that freekmason mike graham talksport), the BBC & co didn't tell you the Norway gunman was a Freemason/Templar, did they? Go to alternative news websites Jeff Rense or Henry Makow or and follow the links to all the good-guys. I wish no harm to anyone mentioned as I know that Jehovah will judge all of us. More later.

False god Asherah..... is associated by trees/wood. So anything to do with trees/wood/burn/ash is all the pagan-mason worship of Asherah. Here is God Jehovah's plan. I live at 93 ASH-BURN road. I met my wife from Burnt Oak (1975), got married in Burnt Oak, our two sons born in Burnt Oak. My aunt/cousins (all PMs) lived long term in Burnt Oak. Hassle from PM at No 33 Oakburn (local). My PM (deceased) in-law married Penny and had daughter Ashley. My long-term pretend best mate PM (who also married a Penny, Jesus was shown a penny) recently starts getting into occult band Wishbone Ash. PMs love wood burners indoors and outdoors (also all wood carvings/icons). Extremely evil freemason Bruce Rutherford and his partner Gill from Rochester (Kent, England) collect ASHtrays. Local PM Mr ChrisY (one of my attempted murderers) from CraigASH Road beeps his HORN as he drives past me walking our dog. Yes, you too would be cocky and confident if you were protected by the Queen of Crooks and Corrupt Establishment (or have pretend aunties and uncles in the masonic police force). Latest news, the royals want trees planted to mark the diamond yawn, more imaginary power to Asherah and easy indoctrination of ignorant puppets. Warning to all "Hollie Greig" supporters, the royal browntongued QC is a prince of Orange from a local place called Bal???????.

If I am not Elijah, why am I heavily persecuted by the Queen's Army of Freemasons and the Pope's Private Army aka SMO (Sovereign Military Order) aka Knights of Malta (the forerunners of the Knights Templars who revere St John's head on a platter) aka Knights Hospitaller etc. When I was 13 (1968), the PMs took me to GlenHEAD farm where a wounded soldier from the Black Watch regiment told me the story of Hamish the HEADLESS piper. They even got someone to play the pipes somewhere in the darkness at nigh time. Satan is aka the "Piper at the Gates of Dawn". The Glasgow ambulance helicopter has an Order of St John logo on it and forever flies low over our house (documented). I told you I am surrounded by PMs as the Occultic Criminal Elite know something about my divine connections. This was all planned a long time ago (not by humans). There are two Renault cars (one black, one white, research masonic black/white) parked outside our front garden gate (which faces Jerusalem). We call the white one a white elephant because it just sits there unused. It's registration is SJ06 N?? (use the 6 as an "h" and you have St. John). The black Renault car registration is SMO6 ??? (Sovereign Military Order). Incidentally, the No 6 or 66 or 666, etc is the number of man/satan. We have told you Lucy is a faggot angel who loves morris dancers. Jehovah has a great sense of humour.

The clever satanic elite dress up as good and fool you on THEIR TV, Newspapers and Radio. Wake up you fools, they HATE Jesus Christ. My wife and I drove to Doune Castle in Stirlingshire (where they filmed a Monty Python Christ - spoof - movie) and guess what drove towards us very slowly? a mini-bus sign-written with the "Knights of Malta" on the sides. I was not supposed to know all of this, as the PMs do their theatre and skits as a curse. So trust me when I say that God Jehovah shows me the invisible. I/we shall teach you well for God knows how ye crave for common sense (not Common Purpose). God Jehovah's Law (psalm 19 and 119) will prevail, take the call from Jesus Christ as I have done. This is not about me, chew the cud if you want to connect to what is about to unfold. Do you think humans are responsible for the corruption that is being exposed lately?

Last Sunday (24/7/2011) at St Lukes Church. A local PM (black hack) taxi driver from Endrick Gardens came into our Church and sat about 2 metres from me. He was acting strange and I could smell floating sewage. Every time we sang from the Praise book (4 X times) he had his hand in his pocket and was jingling some loose change. I could see other people looking round at him as it was loud. I knew him from previous PM harassment. If you think I am making this up, please do challenge me (transparently). Anyway, I get lots of PMs covertly insinuating that I'm the Christ and that's what the money thing is all about, (pennies and thirty pieces of silver, etc). Please read the Christ Messenger (part 19) to understand further, or ask me for a copy. I keep telling you that I/we have nothing to hide and much to teach. You are nowhere near the first page. Have faith, fear nothing.

I get harassed by PMs every day. Local sociopath of Corbie Place drives a bronze Merc reg no H16 ??? (16 is the No of Baal), growls at me from his car as I leave the Church or walk the dog. Also my local vet, see the Square and Compass logo at They are all controlled by the criminal elite via the Masonic Police Fusion Centres (Police Stations). Don't worry about me as I am very happy to be chosen as God Jehovah's number one servant. I need you to know that our Father always calls me Joseph. I can easily prove that God Jehovah has a plan and that all good people are part of it, provided you didn't sell your soul. If you did, then take it back or sleep with con-man lucifer forever. Sow to the Spirit, not to the flesh. The Bible says love not this world (i.e.satan's domain). I/we need satan and his tempted to know that all of their curses in the cubit of three don't work, esp. 27 and 39, there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament = 66 books, more later. I have told ye that Jesus the boat (ark) keeper is calling for boat numbers 6, 66, 616 and 666 to come in, your time is up. (large smile). Go to for more info/research on number 616. Lucy and his chosen have reversed everything in the Bible to suit their greed and perversions. Christ is imminent, that's why there is an anti-Christ which is temporary and part of the Bible prophecies.

Jesus, Elijah and John the Baptist are righteous and good. Jesus and John will forgive, however Elijah killed his enemies. You have to read and understand Elijah's Challenge. Fear God Jehovah for He created lucifer to test you, call Jesus now. Tick tock tick.

I tried the Catholic faith? for help only to find it is one big secret society. I do not hate Catholics, only ignorance. If there is no crime, why are there secrets?. God sent me to St Lukes although I am not into division. I have also read what happened to the Rev. James Guthrie in the 17th century for having a go at the English aristocracy (aka the Criminal Elite), Wiki this hero.

Welcome to the Christ Messenger (part 20) Today the 30th July 2011. Lovers of Baal/Asherah will again try to thwart me but this is part of God Jehovah's plan. We need the publicity and it is designed to awaken all good people for this evil won't go quietly. The best advice I can give to help you is read the easiest Bible and I recommend The Good News Bible. I was given one by a Mr Crossley (can you believe that? I am plagued by this word/name Cross). Start by reading the New Testament, chew the cud. Please pass this information on to all Christians and good people for I only follow guidance. The Christ Messenger is brought to you by Joe Stirling aka Elijah. If you are local, come to St Lukes in Kirk St, Milngavie every Sunday at 10:30am or go to your local Church and know that everything I have told you is true. Here comes the Bride (Church of Christ).

KSigMason 08-02-2011 11:12 AM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised
Wow, the author really thinks a lot of himself.

I'm so glad you brought up Baal. I just read an interesting book called "Workman Unashamed" by Christopher Haffner where the author first starts talking about the very name of God and its start as YHWH leading to the transformation into Jehovah, meaning "Lord" and its applications through the Bible and variations between the different versions of the Bible. Examples is Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Rohi, and so forth (fascinating read). He then starts on Ba'al and the Bible where he states the following things:


Despite the fact that no Royal Arch ritual uses the word Ba'al...


Throughout the Old Testament, the word Ba'al is an ordinary everyday word, with ordinary everyday meanings. It is true that it is used sixty-nine times to represent a Canaanite god or gods, although often not as a proper name, but as a description. It is used as a proper name of other things or persons many times. For Example Ba'al is the name of a city in 1 Chronicles 4:33. In 1 Chronicles 5:5 and 9:36, it is a name of a Jewish person.

It is used even more frequently in combination:

Baal Gad, Baal Hazor, Baal Hermon, Baal Meon, Baal Perazim, Baal Shalisha, Baal Tamar, Baal Zephon, Baalah, Baalath (feminine of Baal), Baalath Beor and Baale are names of towns or places.
Baal Hanan and Baalis are names of kings.
Baal Berith, Baal Peor, and Baal Zebub (Lord of the Flies) are names of gods.


However, what is much more significant is the use of baal translated into other words. It is translated as "master" four times...


This is very important, as by analogy, Yahweh is the Ba'al of Israel. Another translation is "owner" (twelve times).


A third translation is as husband (eleven times).
He then goes on to talk about Stephen Knight's book, The Brotherhood, and debunks much of the Masons worship Ba'al myth:


With disregard for logical thought, Knight makes assumptions about the meaning of the second Royal Arch word which appear nowhere in any Masonic ritual, and then treats them as if they were true. He proceeds to suggest that the words of an obscure sixteenth century demonologist are relevant to twentieth century Masons. Knight is attacking only what his imagination has led him to believe is the meaning of the second word, with no reference the only relevant meanings - those which are explained to every new Royal Arch Mason.
He discusses an interesting theory to the beginning of the Royal Arch and its secret words, and how over time they have been slightly changed in pronunciation.

I don't agree with everything in the book, but it's an interesting read.

neopythagorean 09-16-2011 09:31 AM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised
OP, I'm afraid that you might be nuts. Masons are not screwing with you. If someone is harassing you and they are a Mason, then that is a coincidence. An unfortunate one. However, I suspect that delusions and hallucinations may be responsible for the experiences that you are reporting here.

Masons are good people who consciously try to be better and more generous, less judgmental and without biases. Masons have a bad reputation with fundamentalists because we put religion aside to focus on fellowship and relief. With fundamentalists, it is either THEIR way or "Satan's way". We, on the other hand, welcome ALL men who are of good repute and belief in god. We don't discuss religion or politics. We don't distinguish between rich or poor. We are all equal. This is disturbing to many religious fundamentalists because it threatens their power structures.

As far as occult symbolism goes, we are trying to preserve history and if it weren't for us, many of the old ways would be forgotten by now. We see beauty and truth in symbols because they mean something different to everyone. We also see beauty and truth in Holy books such as the Torah, Koran, Rig Veda and Bible for the same reason.

What we are interested in is NOT world domination. What we are interested in is eliminating biases and promoting rationale, brotherly love, truth and relief.

Of course, the whole "rationale" thing puts us at odds with fundamentalist religious types from time to time. Of course, what they do is fine by us but they don't need to be forcing it on anyone else.

In a nutshell, I think you're probably schizophrenic or schizoaffective. you need to stay on your meds even if you start to feel better. I know life is more exciting when "they're out to get you" but this whole Elijah the Prophet stuff is a delusion. If there truly are people who are harassing you who are Masons, then for god's sake, call the cops. Remember that Masons are actually HARDER on each other than on anyone else so even if the cops are Masons, trust me--these harassers will get theirs! No one should be harassed and any Mason who is harassing people has a hell of a lot to think about.

rwbovee 09-22-2011 10:13 AM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised
We know the Masonic Lodge is not Christian. They promote partiality to others Masons, while the Apostle Paul told Timothy to be "doing nothing by partiality." When you see supposed Christians promoting partiality toward somebody you can guess that they're probably Masons.

neopythagorean 09-23-2011 07:33 AM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised

Originally Posted by rwbovee (Post 76711)
We know the Masonic Lodge is not Christian. They promote partiality to others Masons, while the Apostle Paul told Timothy to be "doing nothing by partiality." When you see supposed Christians promoting partiality toward somebody you can guess that they're probably Masons.

You're comparing apples and oranges here. No, the Masonic Lodge is NOT "Christian" and nor is it ANY religion. It is a place for people of ALL religious denominations.

Now, as for partiality, it is NOT promoted in Masonry but it does occur as with any other group such as friends, family, etc. This is not unusual. In fact, that's pretty much how things work these days. Not saying that it's "right" or "wrong" but that's just how it is. However, the nepotism that people THINK goes on is a farce. Masons are HARDER on each other than on other people.

Ban Freekmasons 11-11-2011 03:45 AM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised
To all masons, lets do it live on camera. Second Family (UK) have asked UGLE and GLOS for the last 5 years and no response? What part of concrete evidence does a mason not understand?

KSigMason 11-11-2011 11:48 AM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons (Post 77425)
To all masons, lets do it live on camera. Second Family (UK) have asked UGLE and GLOS for the last 5 years and no response? What part of concrete evidence does a mason not understand?

Do what live on camera? Our rituals? Well, some of it we could do on camera, but there are some things we would omit, otherwise we'd be breaking our Oaths.

I'm glad they haven't given in to pandering and appeasing those who will never be satisfied with our answers or transparencies.

You have no concrete evidence and have never provided an ounce of concrete or rational evidence.

symphonious 02-04-2012 04:26 PM

Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised
Dude, I'm telling you this as a friend, and I'm incriminating myself in doing so, but I think you are in a dangerous place.

For 3 years of my life, I did nothing but smoke pot and read the Bible. It made it make so much sense to me, I would hear angels singing as I read, or the applause of Heaven. Then weird things started happening, I would have a friend over and I would suddenly become possessed by something that was not myself, and I would be witnessing and telling the person secrets about heaven or about themselves that I couldn't know.

Then this voice began telling me "you are him, you are the one, you are the Christ" And I would fight that thought for a full year, one day while I had a friend over I told him that that thought kept coming into my mind and I didn't know why, he said "have you asked God if it's true?" I was like "Of course not!! I would never DREAM of even HINTING I might be Jesus to God or anyone else!" And he said "Anything is possible, just ask him"

So I did, and I heard a trumpet blow in my spirit and saw in my minds eye a big sign flashing saying "He gets it! He finally gets it!" I then began walking through life believing I was Jesus. I have 5 disciples who believed me as well. We would have Bible studies, I would move gracefully as I spoke, it was as real as the light of day.

But suddenly little things began jumping out at me, like "I can't save the whole world.. I can't defeat the evil systems of this earth" And I began noticing that my disciples were not growing as people, and they were looking to me to give them answers I didn't have.

I finally one day thought it all over and realized I'd been deceived, I then began surrounding myself with truly spirit filled believers and people, and the closer I got to God (without marijuana) the more I realized how NOT Jesus I really was.

I don't believe anyone who God called to be Elijah, or John the Baptist, or anything like that would make such claims about themselves. If it were true, your words would simply impact us and we would know something was different about you by your demeanor, not your own admission.

And now you're saying people are telling you you are the Christ, and it doesn't sound like you're throwing that idea out the window like you should be. Well buddy, I've been there. I know what it's like to see heaven open up and to feel God's energy shoot through you, I know what it's like to have a kingly spirit rise up in you and give you the power to proclaim things you never could otherwise.

But I, nor you, nor anyone who would join a forum or post a video, is Jesus. The moment you begin thinking you are some important character in God's history, is the moment you open yourself up to deceit. The closer a man is to God, the less he thinks of himself.

And I've read 3 of your posts now, and you keep saying you're going to teach us things, but I've learned nothing, other than the fact that you believe masons are out to get you. Maybe they are, maybe they're not, but I can see you are not a stranger to believing delusions, so it would stand to reason that your Masonic enemies could be delusions as well...

I'm scared to think what would have happened if I had continued believing I was Jesus, who knows what kind of damage I could have done, I was on my way to being a cult leader and I didn't even know it. You may be in the same boat.

You keep claiming that you are hear to teach, maybe you should focus more on learning than teaching. I say this out of sincere concern for you, I can relate. I'm telling you now, you're not Jesus, you're not John the Baptist, you're not Elijah, you are you, and nothing more. Be careful what you think about yourself, you could wind up an enemy of Christ while trying to be his servant.

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