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time 08-04-2011 09:05 PM

hey im time
is this a dream?, are you imagining this?... if so... how elaborate! what detail your mind has gotten into to come up with things that don't apply to you at all. like people talking in there house.
what if this isn't even your dream, then that means your the man in the house... its probably not, actually... its not(or so Ive convinced myself) its just too perfect.

you know whats some krazy shit... a mind. . how does your mind see things, like dreams. its a picture our minds make up. we say "seeing" but that's capturing light in the eye. i guess id call it . the only other thing close is memory.

our mind can use known colors to develop a picture of our own.
and then we get lost in this world that we have made up for our seem as real as reality..until you question its structure then you realize its a dream.
a good way to know what is reality is, is to recognize a constant.

were do you come up with these particles that work together to comprehend.

i think that your Conscience is crazy too.that voice in your head. the one you use to talk in your head that just seems to be perfect English(because its exactly what you want it to say). it works the same way, your not making a noise, you are remembering known sounds and putting them in your own order.

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