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uswgo 08-29-2011 12:52 AM

Senate and House Galleries ban photographers and video filmers

Source: Senate and House Galleries ban photographers and video filmers | USWGO Alternative News

It is unlawful these days to take photos of the pretty little Senate Chambers and House Chambers!

Author: Brian D. Hill

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Now in the good ole ‘Land of the Free’ America it is unlawful to film any public senate and congressional meetings except for mainstream media and C-SPAN which is copyright protected and costs to showcase in documentaries.

As Jesse Ventura once said “It’s typical of of our Governmnent, We pay the taxes, we pay the freight, yet the government doesn’t have to be held accountable to anyone, they set the rules, and we are expect to obey them and not question them or get shot, or go to jail.” in the episode Area 51 of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory.

From multiple sources and proof gathered the Capitol and state capital buildings did not ban video filming, audio recording, and photography until recently this year in 2011.

Even one of my friends which I will keep anonymous told me in response to my discovery, “don’t know because last time I was in Washtington there wasn’t a problem with it.”, even Alex E. Jones said that back then he could film the senate galleries so this is a recent policy to block the cameras and alternative media reporters, even at town halls cameras are being confiscated due to camera bans at a public event by senator Chabot.

We pay taxes, those buildings are bought and paid for with our tax dollars, these politicians debate and pass laws that directly affect the American people, in cases gets many innocent Americans into prison facilities, and yet we are not allowed to film our own footage of the senate and house galleries or even take pictures. I thought this was America, home of the free land of the brave!

My friend told me he visited China and found out that people are not allowed to take pictures near Government buildings, gee sounds familiar doesn’t it! So China and now the United States passes any law they want, expects us to obey it without questions and without oversight, and risk getting shot or arrested for refusal or filming how terrible laws are passed.

Even pictures, which I will show you below, prove that people have been allowed to get photos of the senate and house galleries years ago or the policies weren’t being enforced but now they are which further erodes Obama’s campaign promise towards greater transparency within Government.

So they won’t allow people to take pictures or video in the senate and house galleries whether congress is in session or not. So much for transparency!

Yet according to the photo below in 2008 by flickr user myoldpostcards, he got a photo of the senate galleries without security coming after him.

After seeing this photo I thought the capitol banned photography whether congress was in session or not? More proof that these policies are definitely recent.

Also a video caught policemen ordered by Representative Chabot to take peoples cameras away if they are caught filming a public town hall event even though regular TV News crews arrived which won’t tell you the whole and misrepresents facts to support the Federal Government.



How can a congress and senate that openly passes laws that defy the wishes of the American people and the U.S. Constitution, won’t even let you video record (aka video tape), or even get photos inside senate and house galleries? What do these people got to hide? The very people that advocates for spying programs, cameras watching everybody everywhere even bathrooms and school locker rooms, the very perverts that want us under surveillance, what do they have to hide to ban cameras?

In fact according to my facebook friend William Lewis of Washington You’re Fired!, he posted a video that bills are automatically switched out at the last minute before bills are voted on and passed.


Congress no longer chooses to read new legislation before voting it into law, Bills are switched at the last minute for unread, substitute legislation, New laws say ANYONE can now be followed and surveilled – for ANY reason… or for NO reason and the list goes on.

That must be why they don’t want us to film the house and senate galleries aka chambers.

As I stated earlier in this article even Alex Jones said earlier on he was never banned from filming but now was told by security that he cannot film any senate galleries which he openly defied by telling him to go get the police which the security guy never did as it would bring a lot of negative attention to the no-photo and no-video policies.


What do the traitors that infiltrated Washington have to hide right? cause we the people are considered enemies of the state! We just pay the taxes and be good little slaves because all we are to them are just bloodbags with fresh organs for the elite.

I even took pictures of both the Senate and House chambers within the North Carolina state capitol legislative building and no security ever, ever came after me, they didn’t even metal detect me. That tells you that thius is Not normal for cameras to be banned at any senate and house galleries and this camera ban must be stopped immediately.

Photos of the North Carolina (NC) Legislative/Legislature Building in Raleigh (Gallery) - USWGO Alternative News

State Capitols are even pulling the same stuff of banning photography and recording devices as well according to research:

Texas – Due to evidence collected by Alex E. Jones

Wisconsin – Due to news article (3/8/2011) and their official rules page

Pennsylvania – Due to their official rules page

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