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Connor Ring 09-03-2011 10:08 PM

Zionist Agenda
The Jews refer to non Jews as (goyim), which in English translates to (cattle). The Jews believe that they are chosen by God to rule the world, and that is exactly what they plan on doing. The New World Order is the name of the Zionist plan to make society equivalent to "cattle" so they can have total power and wealth. In this New World there will only be two races, pure Jews and the racially mixed goyim. Culture will have no significance, and history will be forgotten. It is time to stand up for yourselves, and to not fear being called an anti semitic. Otherwise all will be lost and there will be no future. I have put together a news blog where I post articles that have a connection to the New World Order. There you will find all the proof needed to see that the Zionists are the ones truly behind the New World Order. Educate yourself so you can stand up and fight the common enemy of all people on earth, so that we can preserve our racial history and culture. Ask yourself, why is it just for the Jews to have a racial state with borders only open to Jews, while if any one else attempted the same idea, they would be labeled racist and evil. Awaken, educate yourself! A link to my blog is below.
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