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Makcalable 09-12-2011 05:44 AM

Hello Eveyone
Hi Guys I am the Newbie Makcalable

I came across this forum whilst searching the web.

I have always been very interested in conspiracies from toxins & poisons in our food to the Rothchilds, Bilderbergs, Rockerfellas etc... and of course certain... lets say 'people' blowing things up and blaming it on terrorists etc....

I would say I have been researching into pretty much all conspiracies for around 10 years now and found substantial evidence to prove a lot of these 'conspiracies' but what annoys me the most is when you present the overwhelming evidence to indivduals they still laugh and think your crazy.. so I have stopped trying to discuss this stuff with work colleges, friends, family and just continue doing what I do ;-)

I do have other interests as I have my own Windows Support Forum which myself and a friend built up around 8 months ago now and is doing pretty ok, I repair and build computers in my spare time also.

I am a computer support officer for a large organisation, not mentioning which one, but it is pretty uncanny to say the least in regards to my interests ;-)

Well that's enough about me.

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